feeling fat!!!

hey girls, just come on for a bit of a moan! Before having Charlie i was a size 10-12, now that i've had him im a 12 on top so still fit in most my tops but trousers are a nightmare!!! My size 12's won't fit and 14's fit fine in the leg but wont do up around my hips. i've been living in my size 12 maternity jeans (1 pair) and a pair of jogging bottoms around the house but i desperately need more trousers. I ordered a selection of 14's from next and 2pairs fit me okay (well i thought they did) so i went and showed my hubby who said 'they don't fit you very well'. Well that just set me off crying and now i feel horrible!! Whats the best way to lose a bit of weight from my hips??


  • Im the same. I can get in my size 10 tops again but cannot get into my size 10 trousers, size 12s i can get on but cant do up at all. Not got any 14s cos hoping i will lose the weight soon.

    I have not had my post natal check up but once i do im gonna go on my mini trampoline for half an hour a day. Im also going to try and get out with the pram more. Swimming and cycling would also be good to shift weight off your hips. I suppose just any excercise where you use your legs.
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