What a night! Long, sorry.

If you really want to read this best go get a brew first.... :lol:

As Ollies tonsilitis and fever semed to be under control last night I went to work and left hubby to look after him.

At work I was on with one other person, and a group of regulars came in for the second time around 6 ish.
They bought 10 2litre bottles of cider between 4 of them (big drinkers, and all younger than me!) and left. No problems there until two of them tried to come back in at half nine. These people come in about 3 or 4 times EVERY night, so they know the layout, prices and how the door works...... but they were trying to push the door to open it instead of pulling it, and when they finally got into the shop they were staggering around, and had their flies undone! We had none of the cider they liked left, so they asked what I would serve them... I refused to serve them and explained that I thought they had had enough and I wasnt going to serve them. They complained a bit, then started to leave, but asked if they sent their mate in would we serve him - erm no! so they left muttering that it was stupid.
Said mate came in anyway, headed straight for me (do i have mug written on my head or something?) and asked if Id serve him - didnt even bother trying to get a case just asked first, so I explained to him that they had had enough for the night and that I wouldnt be serving any of them. He left muttering that it was f***ing stupid.....
five mins later the 4th one came in. He asked what he could get for a tenner, but i replied i didnt know off my head so he'd have to go look. He brought a case of export, and I checked the price, then asked him if it was for his mates. The stupid begger said yes! (If he'd said no we wouldnt have been able to do anything about it, but he was too drunk to think straight) so i had to refuse to serve him aswell. The guy on with me went to take the case off him and the customer pushed him away and grabbed the case - started saying they were old enough, all over 21. So we explained that we had already refused to serve them, and the 3rd one and as he had admitted that it was to be shared with them that we couldnt serve him with it. He wouldnt believe t was the law, and started shouting that we were stupid, then asked me if i was married! Stupid d!ck.
He left, eventually. We thought that was the last of it, and were getting ready to close up when a different regular came in and picked up the case of beer (this guy is a stalwart cider drinker so we knew it was for them) - we asked if it was for them, and he admitted they had asked him to get it. So we told him why we couldnt serve him with it and he was very apologetic, didnt realise blah blah, and left it at that (why cant all customers be that polite when refused?)

So ALL 4!!!! of them came in at once, bang on ten pm - closing time. Two of the came over to me and started asking was I being serious by not serving them, and i said i was because i thought they had drunk enough. They argued that they were sober, but i just repeated what i had told them and told them I wasnt going to be serving them.
The other two were having a go at my work mate (my boss) one of the customers has been barred before, so boss asked him if he wanted to be barred again, and he said just try it.
Then one of the ones that had been talking to me went over to him and started telling him he was a stupid man, and he would be lucky if next time he saw him he didnt murder him. He kept repeating that, about 5 times. image
We finally got them out of the shop and locked up, then rang the police.
I dont know how my boss was feeling, but i hadnt had the full force of their anger and I was shaking like a leaf - boss said he'd taken the brunt because he couldnt let them do anything while i was there as i was 5 months pregnant. He also said if he'd been on with anyone else he would have barrred them there and then, but he had an inkling that they would have kicked off, and again couldnt have risked that with me there.... image

The police turned up - knew exactly who these lads were as they are well known to them - and said that it had been quiet all summer from them so they were wondering what would happen and when.

So I've got a policeman calling round at the house tonight to take a statement and boss will go through the CCTV footage (thank god we have that) with the other boss and give his statement after they've been to see me.
I didn't get home till bout 11pm. :\( Very tired, very frightened and trying to calm down.

Then at 11.30pm Ollie started crying. He was almost due his medicine so i gave him that and cuddled him to settle him off again, put him down and went to bed.
20 mins later I was back up to him as he was screaming, found him curled up in a ball and really crying and screaming so picked him up and tried to soothe him - he wanted nothing to do with me, and wriggled out of my arms, arching his back then curling up tight, and crawled into the corner until he did a big fart.
He seemed to settle after that, but i stayed with him for ten mins stroking his belly to help massage any trapped wind out. He did a couple of little farts while dropping off to sleep so i then put him back in the cot and went back to bed.
20 mins later he was screaming again, so i went straight into him, and found his infacol - was the only thing in the house i could find to deal with wind - and gave him the higher dose of this (2 droppers full, although it wasnt much) and then tried to soothe him again, I was bouncing his bum up and down, turning him upside to down to help the wind travel upwards and out, patting his back, rubbing his stomach when he would let me, and after about 20 mins he started to settle. By this point we were both laid on the bed in his room and i was prepared to stay there for the night if need be.But he did the biggest, loudest, hardest sounding fart i'd ever heard, and then followed it with an equally big, loud, hard burp. image
He snuggled into me after these and grabbed my hand. I rubbed his tummy with the other hand again, and he very quietly fell back asleep, still gripping my hand.
I eventually, once i felt he was asleep enough, put him back into his cot with my pj top to confort him (it smelt of me i figured), and quietly crept out of the room and back into my bed. It was 2am!!!!
I stayed awake as long as I could to make sure he was ok, but he had snuggled into my top and was asleep, so i dropped off myself.

God am I so tired today!!!!
I've got a shed being delivered between now and 1pm, which i'll have to secure as the wind here is horrendous and could blow it away depending on how it comes packed... Hubby wont finish work until about 3pm.... :\(

then I've got the policeman later that I'll have to give a statement to......
Its true - It never rains but it pours!!

Anyway, well done if you've managed to get to the end of this - no need to reply, just wanted to vent a bit. :lol:



  • omg! get this woman a medal, i would have lost the plot,lol
  • just have say poor you hope all sorted soon
  • hey hun....just been a teeny weeny bit busy!!

    I can totally sympathise with you. About a yr ago I worked in a small supermarket and we used to have youngsters come in with no id demanding alcohol etc. They swore, threatened etc Good for you to have your boss there though. Many a times it was just 2 females in store or a male who was 23 and quite weedy! I was also pregnant to at the time.

    At least the police know who they are so they can prosecute. Do you have an emergency button you can press behind the counter which is linked straight to the police if you get threatened? Hope it all runs smoothly tonight.

    poor oli, bless him, he must have been in a lot of pain. Hope hes feeling better today. I think you should take a nap when he does to day...you need it. Il try and send the sun up to you to dry up the wind. I hope the rest of the week gets better for you all. At least you have a gd hubby. Mine wont get up in the night! xxx
  • Sorry to hear that you had such a bad night. Must be tiring enough working till 10 when you're 5 months pg, without those idiots trying to intimidate you. Well done for you and you boss standing up to them, a lot of people would have just sold them the booze to get rid of them.
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