What is this? Colic? Reflux? Help!

Morning all, I'm after some advice plz. Sara is 7 wks and has been in a
good routine since about 3 wks. She has been fully FF for the past 3 wks
with no major traumas. However over the past week she has become
increasingly restless at night, she'll go to bed well and is fine until 3 am ish
when she usually feeds then she is so difficult to settle. She lies thrashing
her arms about wimpering and last night crying. I winded her as normal,
around 5 am after rocking her I put her in bed with us on her side after a few
more startled cries she settled til 7am.

I know this is not as extreme as some of the issues others have raised on here
but it is awful seeing my LO in distress and so uncomfortable. We are giving her
Aptamil, using double dose infacol with avent bottles. Do you this I should change
her bottles or milk? Or do you think this is something I should see GP about. By
day Sara is so happy and content, napping well etc. I don't think she's constipated
as she has a couple of dirty nappies a day but she farts LOADs and this seems to
cause her discomfort too.

Any advise would be great, it's so hard seeing her so uncomfortable.
Liz xxx


  • Bump, please someone must have an idea x
  • I don't really have any advice - sorry!

    I just wanted to recommend Dr Browns bottles. I started off using TT CTN, but my LO seemed to be swallowing loads of air, which made him really uncomfortable. The Dr Browns bottles have ben great.

    We also use infacol, which has really helped with Adam's wind problems.

    Are you taking iron tablets? These can sometimes cause baby to become constipated...

    Hope Sara re-settles soon...


  • Mine is 7weeks and has been doing the same for the past 3-4 nights, I BF but give FF last thing at night, well 9.30, she has a good burp and sleeps well until 3.30 when she wakes up for BF then hangs onto her wind and does exactly what yours is, it takes about 2 hours to settle too, I have moved onto Gripe water which alleviates wind and gripe (muscle contraction of the intestines/stomach) she was a little better last night so hopefully things are beginning to improve. You can use Infacol (which we use too) and gripe water together, so one in the day and one at night, they do a slightly different job.

    The only issue I have is that you spoon feed the gripe water which is a little difficult when they are desperate for feeding and thrashing about you have to balance the spoon so they don't knock it out of your hand, not easy at 3.30am when you only have a street light!!!!!

    It's worth a go hope that helps????
    x x x
  • Thanks ladies, think I'm going to try dr browns bottles, a few people
    have mentioned that they're great, they fit in avent sterilisers don't they??

    Have used gripe water a few times but as you said it's such a nightmare to get into LO I gave up, think I'll get a syringe and try again!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that's having these issues, those hours seem so long!

    Liz x
  • I had this. LO was fine till about 6 weeks when we had the same thing, turns out she has colic. (Trust my baby not to have the textbook kind where it happens in the evening). Since then I have been giving LO gripe water during her afternoon and evening feeds, but not during the night. I have found this to work really well, not saying it will work for everyone but it could be worth a try.

  • I am using the TT microwave steriliser with the Dr Browns bottles...it's not a perfect fit but does the job ok! So I assume to Avent one will be fine image


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