first day at nursery? tell me it gets better!!

what a day!

Amy went for her first day at nursery (9mths old) she cried when i left which she has NEVER done before so that was awful then i had to talk to a manger about childcare vouchers and all i could hear was amy screaming and i just wanted to run in and give her a cuddle. But after a few minutes she calmed down.

Spent the day keeping busy (me and hubby both had day off by chance) but i was so stressed about leaving her with strangers although she is fine with grandparents. my stomach has been in a knot all day"

get a call at 4pm saying that she was getting a bit tearful and maybe come and get her. so we did when we got there she was all smile eating pear and laughing!! they said she had cried quite a bit but all in all a good first day. she had been playing and even slept for half hour so she must have been relaxed enough to sleep.

Got to do it all again tomorrow!

how long do you think it takes for her to settle in? i know its a hard question but i just feel so guilty!!!


Actually reading that back it doesnt sound too bad! Amy is normally such a contented little girl and just dont like the idea of her being so upset image

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  • Hi

    Lily has been going two days a week to nursery since she was 6 months old - when I went back to work. She loves it but in the last few weeks has been upset when hubby has dropped her off...but she is suddenly very clingy with me and got upset when I went to work today and left her with hubby! Hopefully she will have a good day next time she goes. It does get easier tho. I love picking her up and seeing her so excited to see me. xxx
  • every child is different.
    I have had children in my group skip in the door absoluty fine and others still on last day before laeving for school still holding onto their mummies leg not wanting to come in!!
    Your nursery should have a settleing in procedure where you could stay with bub an d gradually take a step back, or leave bub for a short spell and they should always reasure you that they would never laeve your lo crying and always try to settle them as much as pos before calling on you to return.
    Alot of children who cry when mummy leaves often settle well after a short time and i have regularly taken pictures to prove to parents that their lo are okay just to reasure them.
    You could maybe try letting her take a fav toy or something in.
    Your lo should have a key worker who will be primarliy responsible for your child and talking about them and going to see this person could help with building a relationship with lo and nursery.
    Hope it gets better but sounds like her first day went well, take car love fiona
  • Keep me updated on how it goes. I go back in 5wks and dreading leaving Archie with the childminder.
    I'm sure it will get loads better and she'll settle in no bother at all. Probably start to really enjoy it before you know it. S x
  • Well her 2nd day was much better!! She hardly cried (only at meal times as she is impatient for food!) and had a great time - they give little report cards at the end of it and Fridays one said she had a fantstic day and been making new friends!! She slept int he cots and ate all her food

    So pleased and relieved! Think it just takes a while for them but Oh my God it was such a hard day on Thursday, but i think everyone feels like that - good luck SuzMcH with going back its hard work working and being a mummy but the time in the evenings are just brilliant xxx tahnks for your replies!
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