Blue eyed boy??

I took this pick just now and noticed hoe different Tylers eyes were from the other 2. J and Isaacs eyes both started to darken when they got to about 3/4 months. Do you think Tylers will stay blue?

Elaine and Boys xx xx


  • flippin thing in the way!

  • Not sure about the eyes, mine stayed blue untill I was about 3 and then went green so he could still end up with brown eyes.
    It's a gorgeous photo though, aren't J and Issac sooo similar!
  • Awww what gorgeous children image

    Don't know whether or not they'll stay blue but had to post to say how cute!! :lol:

  • Iv had people asking if they are twins before. Its funny - Tyler reminds me of J as a baby soooo much - just with blue eyes, but when he was first born he was the imige of Isaac!! so I think they'll all look alike. xx
  • Gabe has bright big blue eyes, everyone comments on them. They havent changed since he was born - am hoping they stay x
  • What a gorgeous pic!!

    My cousin had blue eyes until she was about 8 months and then they went brown. But they were a darker blue than Tyler's.

  • They are very blue aren't they? All three boys are gorgeous! It is possible they will stay blue. Aoife's eyes are really blue too and I'm hoping they stay that way!
  • DS has, and has always had, the brightest of blue eyes with blonde hair. DD had dark blue eyes and black hair when she was born and her eyes changed to a hazelly brown kind of colour by the time she was 6 months old, still got dark hair. HV told me that eyes could change anytime upto being one so there's time yet for your LO. Looking at them though I reckon they might stay blue, there's just no hint of anything else in them is there?!
    Gorgeous boys!
  • Such cute lil boys!
  • aww they are just gorgeous x
  • Your 2 oldest boys are like twins!! Tyler's could darken but I have a feeling they will stay blue. Charlotte has big blue eyes but me & her dad have blue/grey eyes.

    You have 3 very handsome little boys who will have the girls flirting with them in a few years time!! I bet you are very proud of them.
  • aaawww thanx ladies - id love to take the credit but they dont look like me! lol xxxx
  • they are sooooo gorgeous, there very blue-maybe will stay bluey, lovly pic xx
  • Bless them! what a lovely picture. I thought that eyes would change colour within in few but have found out thats wrong so I have no idea if they'll change. But I do agree with the others, your 2 eldest boys look so alike!
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