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Oh was out with our 19 month old this morning and was holding his hand. All of a sudden rhys dropped to the floor and oh said he heard a click that sounded like it came from his wrist. He picked him up and carried him as he was crying but then calmed down, but since they've been back rhys has not stopped cryinghe had a bit of a nap for about 15 minutes but woke up really crying. it's not like him at all as he's a very happy baby abd usually naps for at least an hour in the morning.
I'm at work so not seen him but there's no bruising or swelling to his arm or anything but we're both really worried do you think we need to take him to the walk in centre or a&e? He's moving it fine and playing still using it but he never cries like this even when he's not been well.
Oh feels awful that he might have really hurt him
becci x


  • I'd pop him to a minor injuries unit to be safe, though it doesn't sound like a break. Or try your out of hours doc's number or nhs direct.

    Hope he's ok x
  • I'd get him checked out hun its probably nothing but he might have pulled elbow, which is very common in toddlers, and easily treatable, its probably nothing like a say but just get him checked out in case xx
  • thanks girls, just spoke with oh and apparantly he's calmed down lots and sat eating some dinner. He's going to take him to the local walk in centre in a little bit to get him checked.
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