Cows milk?

Hi ladies,

At what age can you start putting cows milk on babys cereal? My lo is 7 months, can I put cows milk on her weetabix or does it need to be breast/formula milk?

Thanks xx


  • You can put cows milk on cereal from 6 months and then they can start drinking it from 1 year. It has to be full fat milk.
  • il 2nd what louise & kara says! i use full fat cows milk on graces breakfast and in cooking and shes 7 1/2mths xx
  • im not really sure what the health guide lines are on it, but i never used it for anything with my older two intill they were 1 year old x
  • I only use cows milk on Kelsies food when she was over 1 and we only use it in things that we eat as well at the same time i.e cheese sauce, rice pudding etc. We still use follow on milk for her and she's 15 months old. Wouldnt use it at 7 months personally.

  • Full fat cows milk is FINE on food at 6 months it just shouldn't be their main drink till 1 (this should still be Breast milk or formula - infact supplementing solids with full fat milk is really great as the more dairy they get thte better (obv not if dairy intolerant) - we addedmilk to cereal and any meal poss once he was 6 months - really encouraged by the hv so YES it is GREAT!
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