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do u go on other baby sites?

i go on a couple of others and wanted to share one with you. Its a great site and the ladies are lovely. Not trying to tear u away from BE - im a BEaholic and would never leave lol but this is a really great site in need of some new members and who better than you girls xx

scroll down - The Daily bit/daily chat forum is the busiest

have a look...



  • will have a look hun. I go on NetMums as it was the first I found and its so good for your own specific area but I don't use the chat sections really as I'm not 100% how it works if that makes sense?! x
  • i use askamum, and bounty as well... image
  • Oh dear that doesn't sound good!
  • Not anymore i used to be addicted to newmums but the site went down for maintenance then the woman that run it got ill by the time it was running again everyone had left but we all still talk on bebo.
  • for any ladies that join up there is a post FAO BE LADIES on Daily bits forum post reply and let me know your BE username so I know whos there! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • I've jpoined and waiting for email too. Not sure how I'll devote my precious nap/online time to 2 websites though! S x
  • Yey!! Thats great girls!!! image image image image xxxxxxxx
  • I used to use Huggies all the time whilst pregnant(had not found BE then)But its not very busy so tend to hardly ever go on now!
    Just joined Netmums off the advice from a nice lady on here and met some lovely local mums already!though i dont really go on the forums as a tad confusing
    Be is laid out in such a way its very clear to use and i feel like everyone on here is helpful and nice so why change hehe x(but think i will have a look on the site you recommend!)
  • I've just joined, same username xx
  • awww it looks so sweet! lol

    This was the first one i ever came to and i love it too much to go anywhere else. lol. I'm just not one for change, i'm awkward. lol

    Lisa xxx
  • girls if you look in the box on the left it shows recent posts - it looks like youv'e all got your own FAO post xx
  • **reminder for the girls that have joined - please dont disappear** xx xx

    [Modified by: brandollarz on March 23, 2009 07:35 AM]

  • I've just joined too. Username is laura81. I'm just waiting for a confirmation email x
  • thats great hun xx xx
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