Hi everyone,

Im 35 weeks and the baby gets hiccups a couple of times a day, they never last long and usually stop if i get up and move around. Ive not been worried about them but just looked it up in my book and it says that frequent hiccups combined with less movements can be a sign of cord problems. Baby is as active as ever.

Just wondered what your experiences of hiccups were. MW says i can go in to be monitered if im worried but it's up to me xx


  • My lo was always getting hiccups inside me, normally every day and a couple of times a day and there was nothing wrong with him.... he still gets them now and if he gets then once, he gets them on and off all day!! xx
  • Connor had hiccups all the time and he was fine too they used to keep me up at night sometimes!
    If your book says combined with less activity and yours is as active as ever then i wouldnt worry about it, but if you are by all means go on the moniter to put your mind at rest! When i was pregnant though OH banned me from reading about it because i worried about everything lol
    Congrats on bump!
  • Cameron was a very hiccupy baby when he was inside me ad was very active too. then when he was born he would have them loads too! he's always been fine. x
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