Infant Gaviscon for sickie baby

Iv had terrible problems with my lo sicking up feeds. He is nearly 16 weeks now but was 7 weeks premature. Iv been telling my HV and various doctors about all this puking but because he was putting on weight fine they just kept saying this is normal, especially for a premmie baby. I can easily go through 20 bibs a day and need to use towels during feeds to catch all the puke when winding him and he looks in terrible pain at times and cries until he pukes some more. He can still be bringing up puke when his next feed is due and im at my wits end.

I saw a fab GP yesterday who has an interest in babies and she was really supportive which im glad about because i wasnt leaving until my concerns were taken seriously. She has started him on Infant Gaviscon and although its only been a few feeds there is a big difference already, yippee!

Im a first time mum and felt the HV just wasnt listening to me and I actually started to feel I was getting a bit neurotic. The GP thinks he has reflux and im glad there is a diagnosis and its not just me making a fuss about nothing.

Trust your own instincts girls and dont let people fob you off when you think something isnt right with your lo.

Fingers crossed he continues to improve and it looks promising as last night he had his last feed at 8pm and didnt wake until 6.30 this morning.

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  • I have the same sicky problem! It was me that went to the docs and told her what i thought it was (reflux) and gaviscon worked on the smaller dose but wasn't as effective with 2 sachets in larger feeds! We're going to paediatrician next tues to see what they say - we've tried allsorts but nothing's stopping her sick. Fingers crossed they find a miracle cure for us and that the gaviscon continues to work for you!
  • I know exactly what your saying Denise- I'm glad you got it sorted. When my second child was born she screamed day and night- she was so obviously in pain- hv did nothing, doc did nothing noone seemed to listen or care.

    I finally had enough of watching my poor baby writhing in agony and took her one day to casualty. She was admitted to hospital where they discovered she had a silent reflux and lactose intolerance.

    I always say trust your instincts and if no-one listens persevere
  • It really helps to talk to people in a similar situation and know your not the only one with a baby that spews all day and night.

    He also has an umbilical hernia and the doc has referred him to the hosp to rule out a link between the hernia and sickness.

    My mum says I was the same as a baby and the docs just said I was getting rid of the milk I didnt need but then again, that was over 30 years ago. I wonder if he has inherited this messy problem from me?

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  • Well done Denise, glad it is working as I know its been doing your head in!!! Hopefully you wont have to do as much washing anymore image x
  • Hi Katherine, i remember chatting to you about your lo too. Today I actually plucked up the courage to take his bib off in between feeds and he was fine, no puke only drooling which is normal im sure for babies. He still pukes a little after a feed but this is normal posseting I think.

    How is your lo getting on?
  • Thats really good Denise, I know it doesnt work for all babies. Are you just giving him one sachet, as I think they say two is one dose.
    Matthew is good thanks, he is still on the gaviscon (only one sachet per feed). There are odd occasions where he will be sick but it doesnt seem like the whole feed is coming up! I have tried giving him a feed without it recently but it was like it was before. Will probably try again in a month or so and see how he is then.
    You will probably find your lo is more content now as well, I found this with Matthew and a few other mums I know who use it found the same thing. Hope it goes well for you x
  • Im giving him only 1 sachet and the doc said to only give him a couple of sachets throughout the day to see how he is but to be honest iv given it in every feed.

    Maybe we should set up a pukey baby forum for all us sick smelling mums. LOL
  • well hopefully you wont smell of it that much anymore! Let us know how it goes anyway xxx
  • Things are going well. He is still a little sick immediately after a feed but the sicking up after that has stopped. He is also sleeping better over night too as he is keeping the milk down and not getting hungry at 4am. He slept 8pm - 7am and im really pleased he is more settled. Im just annoyed it took so long for anyone to listen to me and try to help him.
  • Its amazing how a simple prescription can change things so dramatically, thats great your lo made a good improvement.

    Its a shame our lo's had to suffer but what can we do if the health professionals who are supposed to look after us are not interested. Im definately going to speak up from now on. Im a nurse but have no experience at all with babies so this is all new to me but I knew something wasnt right and it fell on deaf ears.

    How long will my lo need to take the gaviscon for?
  • Hi ladies glad to hear everthing is going ok with your Lo's my little girl had this problem and was on Gaviscon i must warn you tho it can cause them to get constipated alot my Lo got prescribed lactose too to help with this so make sure you speak to the docs if this happens frequently Sophie 33+2 xx

  • Thanks sophie, i will keep an eye on his poos. Does cooled boiled water help with constipation?

    Another good day and night yesterday. I cant wait to get him weighed again, although he was putting on weight fine before, without all the puking he must be gaining more.
  • They do say to try cooled boiled water but it didnt work for my daughter and it cam affect how much milk they drink, A good tip is if your LO is on formula get a couple of cartons of the ready made formula in and when LO is really constipated give one of the cartons as the feed with gaviscon as u normally would and apparantly my GP said it is easier for baba to digest so can help them to go it worked for my daughter. x
  • Thanks for the advice. I usually keep a couple of cartons in the cupboard so I will use them if needed. He isnt constipated at the moment but its early days on the gaviscon.
  • Hi there, don't give up feeding baby yourself. Changing the milk won't make any difference. Reflux is caused by an immature system not an intollerance. They will outgrow it...eventually! My baby is 13wks, still sl,eeping like a newborn while every one elses baby is sleeping through. He has reflux, normally sick at least 8 times following a feed. Have to change his clothes after every feed and quite often me with it, no fun! He has been on gaviscon for around 6wks now and is still sick, horrible thick lumpy stuff, don't know what was worse. Although is is still sick, he is clearly not as uncomfortable. I always give it to him before a feed even though breastfeeding. He won't take 15mls after as he is clearly full up! I tried expressing...a pain, boiled water...vile! now i buy sml ready made cow and gate formula. Normally lasts for 2days worth. I mix the 2 sachets with 5ml then add the other 10ml. Can warm it up a little. I put a big cloth under his chin, jig him a little and talk alot while giving it to him by syringe. He has got used to it and laps it up now. Just need to give it before he is starving and irritable. Just hang on in first born had colic for 20months and was far worse, would rather have this any day, just glad i invested in a tumble dryer and asked people for sleepsuits and sheets as gifts!! good luck all.....karen:\)
  • Why on earth has this popped to the top? It's a post from 2008! Denise's Lo is now nearly 3 and she doesn't post on here any more!
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