Falling asleep during night feeds

Last night was the third night in a row that I've fallen asleep while feeding my 3 week old and it's getting dangerous - my OH said he woke up (not realising the baby was still in bed with us in the first place) and found him with the duvet up to his neck and baby overheating.
Obviously I feel terrible that I've put my baby in danger like that and I feel sick at what could have happened. I haven't had any sleep since he arrived though and after looking after my toddler and the baby all day I'm exhausted by bedtime. Also last night the baby wanted to feed constantly from about 5pm until 10pm - so no wonder I was tired.
How am I going to manage to stay awake during night feeds? Short of going into a different room and turning on all the lights, which I have been avoiding because we have real problems getting baby back to sleep after a night feed as it is!


  • Hhm, I don't have many suggestions but I didn't want to R&R.
    Try doing things while you're feeding?
    Laptop/mobile/read a book (bit difficult in the dark though).
  • This is why I never feed in bed - breastfeeding is too soperific. I always get up and sit on a chair, still in the dark bedroom. That way even if I nod off I jerk awake and there is no fear of littlie falling asleep in our bed.

  • i was going to suggest a chair in your room, that you can quietly move to.
    i would also suggest that your husband could get up with you for a short while, to talk to you etc... my husband still does this a bit and though he may fall asleep after 10 mins it does help to keep me awake.
  • I always just b-fed in bed, but not with Duvet over us, if you're cold, maybe just put a sheet/light blanket over yourself...also, i tended to sleep with my knees curled, so that baby couldn't wriggle down the bed.

    If all else fails, could you get one of those co-sleeping cots, so that lo is in their own area as they roll away from feeding?


  • I have to get up out of bed and sit in an armchair in our room or i would be the same.
  • Could you express some milk. It does mean you have to get the milk heated so it wakes you up a bit but your ho can also do one of the feeds as well if you are tired. I find my lo falls asleep better afterwards. I get hubby to speak to me too and I usually browse this forum on my phone.
    Not sure how you feed your lo but triy to sit upright if you can so that you would have to move to be comfortably asleep with your lo. xx
  • I always read during night feeds as it keeps me awake, although in the early days I sometimes had a job focussing on the words!
  • i always used to play games on my phone (sound turned off ofcourse) to keep me awake while bf at night, failing that u could stick a chair in ur room and sit in the chair to feed, that way as ur head drops forward it'll wake u up x
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