I met a man today and we got chatting about Oscar and he said he had a 9 month old grandchild. He then asked how old Oscar was and when I said he turned 10 months a few days ago he said he didn't believe me!! image

Now I know Oscar's tall but he's in 9-12 month clothes and looks like a baby with his chubby baby cheeks and all. But because he was walking, and I did have the reins on him, and he was wearing jeans, a shirt and a smart looking jacket and was eating his sandwich by tearing it into small pieces and eating the bits very nicely he refused to believe he was as young as he was...

He didn't sound malicious but didn't sound impressed iykwim so I've been feeling all afternoon like I've either got this freakish child or like I'm some sad competative mum trying to make my child sound more clever than he is.

Sorry, I know it's a silly moan but intentionally or not he made me feel really bad and I'm normally so proud of my clever little man...


  • Awh hun, don't let it worry you. I get the same thing all the time with Barney. A few weeks ago we were at the park and my mum was watching him, it was before he was walking properly so he was crawling about and some one actually asked my mum why he couldn't walk :roll: they were quite suprised to get the reply, 'Because he is only 13 months old!'
    People don't think before they speak, you should be proud of Oscar, he sounds like a very clever little boy.
  • Defo feel proud you lo sounds lush adn the old man silly! image
  • Lol @ slacking grandson!

    I know I'm being silly and that Oscar is just a very clever little boy and I'm blessed to have such an ambitious baby. (I used to say he was a jealous boy as whenever he saw another baby doing something he'd want to do it and usually would work it out within a week but ambitious sounds better pmsl)

    Thank you for your compliments, they've really made me feel better
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