contraception (also in BIJ)

I fell pg with Emily in between trying a new pill as the hormones seem to send my body haywire so dont want to go bk to all that. OH not keen on the idea of a coil so I was thinking about getting the implant?

What are you ladies doing about contraception?

Elaine & Emily


  • I would never have the implant as I would hate the fact u can feel it through your skin yuck lol. I am having a copper coil put back in. I was on the pill before and a bit useless at taking it lol that'd were my son came from lol. Have to wait to my 6 week check for this tho lol. Can I ask why u wouldn't want a coil??
  • I have had many different types of comntraception and most disagree with me!!

    I had the implant, and it had awful side effects for me. I ended up being rushed into hospital after losing lots of blood. It was horrendous. I was out shopping in town with ds1 (he was 6) and felt I was coming on my period. I went to go to the toilet, and with 10 minutes blood was running down my leg. Its supposed to stop periods, but didnt for me! I ended up having it removed,
    Don't let me put you off though, I have a friend who also had it around the same time and she has had no problems with it! Just goes to show that what works for one person might not work for the other!

    OH has now had the snip, so luckily I dont have to worry!
  • thanks for the rplies

    MJ - OH dosnt like the idea of there being a coil 'up there'

    a friend had the implant for 4 years and had no probs but thanks for the warning 2LM.
  • Hi hun,

    I've had the implant for a few months now and had no side effects at all. I've only had two kind of periods and tbh i totally forget that it is there! It was weird at first but i really forget about it now. I would recommend it, although i'm not too keen on getting it removed! It gives me the heebie jeebies but i am putting it at the back of my mind just now! lol. It lasts three years and has a pretty good success rate!

  • I didn't fancy the implant so had the injection. x
  • Ladybird the removal isnt that bad. they numb the area and you dont feel a thing. x
  • I was on the pill until we started ttc again. I won't be going back on it as I want something more long term. I don't want the coil as heard quite a few stories on here about it failing. Think I'm going to try the implant.
  • I had the implant and didn't notice it BUT...

    I spotted ALL the time which is a common side effect and even worse than that I was a HORRIBLE person with it! I was diagnosed with PND but as chatting with my older sister who had the implant a few years back and she told me she felt the same as I did and she doesn't have kids. Willing to try anything to send the Bitch away I had it removed and voil????...nice Mummy again!

    Just a warning...

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