Hi ladies, My youngest is 4 weeks old tomorrow and i am finding that she just doesn't seem to like her moses basket too much. If i put her in there asleep and on her side she will stay asleep for a liitle while but this is a nightmare at night as i'm finding that once she wakes for her feed she just won't go back in her bed until she has fallen asleep in my arms which can take hours! Then if i wake her up as i put her in bed she wants more food and i can go round and round like this all night. The last couple of nights i have been so tired (i have a 2 yr old aswell) that i have been laying down to feed her (i bf) and weboth end falling asleep which i don't like doing but she slept for about 4 hour straight like this and only woke up because i woke up and put her in her bed. I don't want her to sleep in my bed but i also need to sleep sometime! I'm worried she will get used to sleeping with me and then will never sleep in her own bed or go through the night. My other daughter didn't like the moses basket either but i had a carrycot that was slim and cozy for her and i put that inside the moses basket and by 5 weeks old she was sleeping through the night. I don't have that carrycot anymore so i can't use that. I really don't want her to get used to falling asleep on me all the time because my other daughter was put to bed awake and fell asleep on her own and i think this helped her go through the night so early. I was very lucky with my other daughter but this time i just feel like i'm doing it all wrong and to be honest its really getting me down-i know every child is different but i wish she would just get used sleeping on her own. As you can imagine this is really difficult in the day too because i have Emma (my oldest) wanting my attention and then Sophie wakes up and i have to hold her for a long time after feeding her ect which upsets Emma if she wants my attention. I do just leave sophie to cry sometimes as i have no choice but she doesn't settle om her own.
Sorry to go on! Any advice would be great or just the sympathy of someone in a similar situation might help lol!

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