what shall i do...??

Hi girls,

Poppy was born 4wks prem..and so is now
17weeks old although classed as 13wks size,
growth etc...

She's really started noticing food..before she just
watched me eating but now it's everyone and she
has started really "munching" her little mouth at
people when they are eating..which breaks my heart.

She is still on 6oz bottles x5 as sometimes she
finishes it and othertimes not, although yesterday I
did notice she finished more then she usually would.

I was advised by HV when I first had Pops
that it's best not to wean until 6mths due to
allergies etc etc... Although I do know alot
of mums who have weaned at around 4mths.

As much as Pops is munching... I really want to wait
until I can be 100% sure that her tummy ready- although
am so excited for when she is weaning! image

my question is: where development Poppy is
only just 3mths etc... and did start sleeping through
ish...and has now woken more often in the night..
Shall I just continue as I am (the night feed doesn't
bother me) and ignore the munching!? Or should I
go to hungry baby milk at night and last feed?
Or shall I try some baby rice??

Worried I'll wean too soon.. Or if I ignore the
"munching" then she may just go off the thought
of eating and I'll lose my chance and have a battle
when I start? Please help!
Thanks xxx

*** Have tried last feed with hungry baby last night.. no difference ***


  • Hi Hun

    I think I read before that with hungry baby milk you need to switch full time to notice a difference, I could be wrong though.

    Just my opinion I wouldn't wean yet, I think you'd be better waiting a few more weeks at least to get to 4 months. Just as she was prem Id be extra careful

    although I must add I know nothing about premature babies or formula xx
  • With her being prem, all the rules around weaning change - so really you need to talk to her peadiatrician about it.

    Basically - in a full term baby, they use the last few weeks of the pregnancy to stock up on all their iron stores (and things) which is why women are so prone to anneamia in the 3rd trimester - obviously a premmie doesn't get chance to do this, so they will run out of the basic stores sooner and might need weaning earler, on the flip side they are developmentally younger than a full term baby of their age - so this throws up extra considerations (e.g can she hold her head steady and take food off a spoon?) all in all, it's quite a complicated issue! I def wouldn't switch to hungry baby - as this will juts fill her up with stodge, and not actually give her any extra nutritional benefit (I hate HB milk - unless a baby is very over-weight/over eating - which a premmie wont be, but that's just me!)

    I would def talk to someone in the know, but if you can't do this, then follow your own instincts. Mummy knows best.

  • I think the 'munching' thing can sometimes be just copying rather than wanting to try food - my son started to do this at around 4 months, but he wouldn't have wanted to eat food and he didn't seem distressed that he wasn't given any! He didn't have any other signs he needed weaning at all through. I thought it was logical really, he smiled back when we smiled, so why wouldn't he copy our mouth movements when we ate?

    Definitely speak to HV or doc about it hun, they'll probably be able to help x x x
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