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Gnawing on her fists????

My 8 week old keeps gnawing on her fists and i don't know why, i don't think it's hunger as i offer her milk but she doesn't want it.

Any ideas

Thanks ladies

Clair and alyssa



  • Hi Mrs P

    It could be the start of teething. His her cheeks red?

  • My ds2 is 10weeks old and he does it as well - again he does when he is not hungry. He seems to chew on anything fleshy but it helps him to bring up wind. Are you bf? becasue I am sure my lo just likes the feeling of something fleshy to remind him of his favourite past time!!!
  • its probably teething, not that the teeth will make an apperance anytime soon but they may be moveing slightly in the gums, getting into position, it should settle after a few days x
  • My baby does this too.
    I've read that it is normal as baby is exploring it's hands and fingers. 'baby's first year' the netmums guide is my bible at the minute.

    kelly + abigail x
  • teething, discovering hands etc xxx
  • jacoc does this, but will go for most things he can sink his gums into :lol:
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