Over-use of dummy (10 month old)

Just looking for some support here really. Gabe has always had a dummy and didn't show much interest in it when newborn but we persevered as neither of us like thumb-sucking (stepmum still does it at 49 - seriously - her teeth are screwed) and both of us liked dummies! He took to it at about 3/4 months but it was mainly for daytime naps, anyway he has used it more and more over the months, now he has learnt to put it in himself and stuff & I know weaning him off it would be really traumatic for him so Im not planning on doing it yet, more when he's ready, I'm thinking of 12-18 months and if he still needs it then wait till he's old enough to explain to...I'm just sooo sick of people saying "Take that dummy out" to him and taking it out! It's so rude, it's HIS dummy grrrrr! I'm not sure what to do really - is a 10 month old with a dummy in the day really that bad? He doesn't have it literally ALL day but always when in his pushchair, and often when playing, always for daytime naps and now he can put it in himself, for bedtime too. Anyone else in the same situation?! When did you wean your Lo off the dummy?


  • Charlotte still has a dummy for naps & sleeping and she's just over 14 months. She's started to get protective of it now though and will throw a major tantrum if I take it off her or put it out of reach!!
    I've been thinking about weaning her off it but maybe not just yet. Tbh I'm dreading it. Sorry not been much help but I'll keep an eye on this post for advice!
  • As Ellie has eating problems my HV suggested taking her dummy away- i said NO WAY she's far too young at 11 months!!
    I have however taken it off her when she doesn't need it or use it so she gets it for sleeping & if she's really upset over something I will put it in to calm her down but when she has settled I make a game of taking it off her again.
    It took a few days but now she just has it for those reasons & not just when she's playing or crawling about etc.
    Perservere and make a whole game/fun thing out of it & he'll not miss it xxx
  • My opinion probably isn't valid as I don't have any experience of this so feel free to tell me to bog off & shut up - but from the reading I've done I should think that it probably needs to come out for longer periods during the day before toooo long so that it doesn't intefere with him experimenting with speech (or even just basic communication through sounds).

    Hope this doesn't seem rude or patronising - just reporting what I've read image Lily is a thumb-sucker, am dreading having to wean her off that but it's a comfort to her so I let her do it (she's only 15 weeks) - no different to a dummy, really.
  • No, all valid comments image
    I'm not too worried about Gabe's speech as he seems to be quite advanced in that area...I'm not sure what I'm worried about really! Probably what people think lol, I have noticed lots of people seem to judge it.
  • I wouldn't worry what other people say. He is your son and not theirs. Kara is 18 months and still has a dummy. She has it for sleeping mostly though. She does have it if she is upset or if she is in the car or pram at times. She doesn't have it as often during the day now as she did. She is teething though now with her back and side teeth so it is great as it saves her biting everything else in sight. I will take it off her before she gets to 2 probably but I will just see how she is. The one thing I do however is if she is trying to speak I make her take out her dummy as I can't stand children who talk with their dummy in. I also don't like older children with dummy's in so I think it is best to get them weaned when you think is best for your lo.
  • Ollie still has a dummy (or three) to go to bed with and for his daytime nap, but other than that he is told to leave it on the bed and he usually does (except the last few mornings where its had to come downstairs with us then get hidden by me while he has his milk lol)

    he doesnt usually get it during the day unless he's really really upset.

    We stopped him having it so much during the day around 14 months ish with no real problems... I think at 10 months Gabe is more than ok to have it during the day if you feel he needs/wants it...
    I still carry a couple of them around with me wherever we go for those just in case times when you know the only thing that'll quiet them down is their comfort dummy....

    We were going to take Ollies away from him before Missy was born, but we've talked about it and have decided that it might work better if he 'gives' it to lil sis, as he much prefers to swap it for food or a toy or something than to just have it taken off him.... then he can be the big brother....

  • Cameron is 9 months and he has his with him all the time. If we're playing i wil wait for him to take it out then put it to one side but its always available if he wants it. he will just pick it up and pop it in, we go nowhere without it.
    i would say if he starts to talk with it in his mouth, take it out, becuase it can hinder their speech development in that sense. my neice talks with hers in and i cant tell what she's saying but she's quite clear when its not in her mouth.
  • Evie's one and has hers for naptimes and bedtimes. Do give it to her during the day if she's teething badly or getting hungry and she tends to have it for long car journies. DS had one at bedtime until he was nearly 3 when he sent it to the dummy fairy in exchange for a visit to the aquarium and his very own Nemo fishy!! If he's happy and you're happy then b*llocks to everyone else!

  • Arrgghh! I get really cross about dummy snobbery. I dont understand why you wouldnt use one if you can (I'm aware some Los wont take one) especially now that they are said to reduce cot death.

    Nathan has his for naps and bedtime only. This is basically because we keep them in his bedroom and as we're all lazy :lol: he has to go without if we're all downstairs. Its meant thatover time he's got used to having them then so that now he never has one if we're out and will fall asleep quie happily in the pram or car seat without one.

    I'd really recommend the keeping them in his room trick. Maybe try to wean him off gradually during daytimes to make it work though else you'll never leave the bedroom!!

    I did think about weaning him off totally but chickened out as he was so upset when I put him down for his nap so now I think I'll wait till he's older. I like the idea of leaving them out for the Dummy fairy!!

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