Dressing siblings the same (not twins)

Evening ladies,

Just a quick one for you all. How do you feel about dressing siblings the same? For example, talking to my MIL earlier and she says "I have seen the cutest outfit for Ollie for Christmas and if this baby is a boy too I will get it for him too"

I just don't like the whole we are brothers, we wear the same thing. And come Christmas I can't see how what suits a 21mth old will suit a baby of a few weeks? I want the baby in just soft clothes- babygro's etc and Ollie won't be wearing those!

When growing up my Hubby was ALWAYS dressed the same as his 2 brothers and I hate looking at the pics as I think they all look so silly! Hubby thinks the same btw!

What are your thoughts? Does it make a difference as to the age gap of the kids? OR the sex- i.e is it more ok for girls than boys?


  • argh my mum used to do this to me and my sister (i don't quite know how as we're 8yrs apart, my sister must ahve hated her being 12 and dressed similar to a 4 yr old!), my mum then continued to do it with my cousins until the eldest was 18 and i pointed out that perhpas as alduts they don't want to be matched together... she still does it for my nephews but i'm yet to see my SIL actually oput them in matching outfits, if one is wearing one, then other wears somehitng else. i'm really hoping she doesn't do this when our next lo arrives in december, and she won't justlimit it to same szex either, my bro and sis are twins and mum used to buy/make them clothes that 'matched' like my sister had a blous and from the same material she would make my brother a matching shirt, my sister had a brown cordroy dungree dress, so she got my brotehr the matching in boys dungarees (was the 70s so all wacky patterns too), she would always make sure they were in matching patterns/colours....i think perhaps for weddings/special occasions then it can look fairly cute, but on a normal basis, definately no...i remember me and my sister even had matching nghties!

  • Hiya, I agree with you. If it was me i wouldnt dress mine in the same, even if they were twins because i would want them to have their own identity & be seen as individuals rather than just brothers or twins etc. You could always let her buy the outfit & just dress them in it at different times if you dont want them both to wear it together.
  • Hi Dinks,

    I have 1 boy and 1 girl so obviously wouldn't dress them the same lol but I personally don't like it when I see siblings dressed in the same thing head to toe. Each to their own and if you like it then fair enough however I think that kids are so different and should be treat more as individuals than as a pair. I have a sister who is almost 4 years older than me and have vivid memories of being dressed in the same horrible pink dress as her when I was 4 and she was 7 or 8, I hated it and she hated it and it looked ridiculous!!!
  • It doesn't bother me really, regardless of age gap or sex. I def wouldn't do it all the time but whilst they're little enough not to care I'd prob do it for special occasions, eg weddings. (I wouldn't go out of my way to buy them matching, but if someone else did I'd make an effort to put them in it).

    Once they get old enough to choose their clothes I def wouldn't force them to, though.
  • I thought that Wowbaby- maybe for a special occasion the same shirt but other than that- Noooooo!

    Thing is my MIL also has this thing that Ollie is about 3 sizes bigger than he is so the babies will prob never get to wear the outfits at the same time!

  • eurgh it irritates me! i mean if it's only occasional/for a good reason fair enough but generally just no.

    btw i don't mean to offend anyone who likes it! it's just i have twin step-brothers and their mother dressed them identically til they were 7! this really bugged me as they both had very different personalities that they never got the chance to show.
  • "Thing is my MIL also has this thing that Ollie is about 3 sizes bigger than he is "

    lmao, my mum does this too, she always buys clothes at least one size too big, its ridiculous because by the time ds fits in it, its not season appropriate, just a waste of her money, its like, when i tell u his clothes size, i'm not just making it up, thats actually the size the fits him! grr! partyciulalry as ds is ina size smaller than his age, and she always buys a size too big for his age, so its actually two sizes too big at least, i've told her time and again but she's adamant 'he'll grow into them', all well and good but shorts aren't gonne be any good to him in the winter are they?!

  • Hahaha Lara! Good old shellsuits huh?!
  • lol lara and chloe, we (my dad, mum, brother, sister and me) all ahd bermuda triangle stuff ahaha, i remember us all wearing them at the same time, very cringeworthy!

  • I hate it!! really hate it!
    my parents done it to me and my younger sister. there is about 20months between us and omg its awfukl!

    we are very similar and have similar personalilities but seriously i think it looks silly.
    I have 2 girls and will never dress them in the same clothes (except for when they are bridesmaids for my sisters wedding next year)
    so for me its a no no. I have told my parents that if they buy them stuff the same then I am sorry but they wont wear it at the same time. DD1 likes to chose what she wears (she is 5) and lizzie is dressed in dresses or something she cant pull up to scath her skin!
    My girls look very much the same at the same age (lizzie looks exactly like dd1 at 6 months) but i still dress lizzie differently than when dd1 was 6 months as things have changed even in 5 years!
  • I don't dress my two in identical clothing, DS is 28 months and DD is 9 months, but I do co-ordinate their clothes, yesterday DS had white shorts and green tshirt and DD had white shorts and a floral green top with pinks flowers, and today DS had jeans and red tshirt on and DD had jeans with a red spotty tshirt.
    I just don't like them in clothes that clash, but that's just me!
  • :lol: my mum did it too ...we even had ...wait for it!!!

    all in one sleepsuits,like babygrows when i was 9 and my sisters were 7 and 5!!! yep and shell suits ....the actually question doesnt apply to me either having one of each but i have a friend with boys close in age and she dresses them the same alot and i think its cute ..though i agree not all the time image ...my sister also had id twins and she dresses them differently most of the time ...mainly so she can tell them apart :lol: xxx
  • Hmmmmm, so far I'm in the minority as I think it can look very cute, especially when they're little lol!
    I have a boy and a girl so obviously can't dress them identically but I do 'co-ordinate' them when we're going to an event (wedding/baptism/party) That said I wouldn't do it on a day to day basis. My children are 5 and 2 so I usually let the eldest choose what he wants then co-ordinate DD to him. As they get older I fully accept that they'll both want to choose their own clothes and that's fine. I'm just enjoying it while they're young enough for me to indulge myself lol!!!
  • Unless it is for a special occasion then no, I hate it. Even worse though was I was in a shopping centre one day and I seen a woman about 8 months pregnant dressed the same as her daughter who was roughly 5 years old. They both had striped t-shirts saying love in red sequins, the same type of leggings and the same high top trainers, very odd!!! image
  • Same here wowbaby!

    Ollie is 16mths now and mostly in 9-12mth clothes. I ALWAYS tell MIl what size he is in and she always buys at least 2 sizes bigger and like you say by the time it fits it won't be season appropriate!

    The day Ollie was born at 33wks we obviously had no clothes to fit him, so all my family rushed out to buy stuff in tiny baby size. MIL goes with Hubby to Mothercare and starts picking up lots of jeans and dungerees etc in 0-3/3-6mths and shows them to him. Hubby is so stressed at leaving me in hospital and me giving him instructions to but tiny baby clothes- just babygro's vest etc he asks her to get some of the tiny baby stuff as that would really help us out. She refused to buy tiny baby, saying it was "a waste of money" :roll:
  • I might be sticking my neck out here, but my 2,4, and 6 year old daughters have matching dresses and welly boots. Not because I insist they dress alike. Quite the reverse, what one has the others want. I think they look cute in their matching summer dresses tbh, but saying that I like being able to buy and see a variety on them. At the end of the day it's not worth tears and tantrums, I'd rather they be happy and comfortable. I would feel quite cross if someone saw them dressed the same in a shop or playground and judged me for it though.

  • I have two girls and even tho I swore I would never inflict dressing them alike as my Mum did to me and my sisters- I do because its cute. They are 2 and 10 weeks granted not all the time but they have matching "Daddy's little heart breaker t-shirts" Lily and Mia name t-shirts and Green spotty dresses image
  • And just to prove how cute it is....


  • I think for one off occasions it can look nice, special do's etc, but not all the time. I have a big sis, 4 years older, and mum (bless her) bought us many a matching outfit, as if that wasn't bad enough I'd end up wearing her hand me down so get the outfit twice lol

    But at the end of the day, your choice, I think kiddies can get away with it, adults however, couples should not wear matching outfits. Ever. xxx
  • Malkymum, :lol: at getting the same outfit twice!

    I must admit, when my 2 boys were say 4 and 2, or 5 and 3 I did get them a couple of matching T-shirts - it was just irresistible and they did look very cute image - I didn't do top-to toe matching though. I tend to dress them in 'co-ordinated' or similar outfits now, rather than 'matching'.

    ILMG - your girls look v cute! And no, couples should never ever wear matching stuff lol!

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