Think I have decided on a pushchair does anyone else have...

The mothercare my4?

Following on from my other thread the other day, I think I have made a decision. We have just got back from looking at a few and it came down to a choice of two...

The Mamas and Papas Herbie or the Mothercare my4.

The Herbie is on sale at the moment at only ??147 but I like the my4 just that little bit more.
So does anyone else have the my4? Any reviews please xx


  • I don't have it hun, but we were going to be good and get it (was between that and the bugaboo) until we discovered it wouldn't fit in the boot of my 206 without taking both of the large wheels off xx
  • We have it and I really like it! It isn't the smallest, but it fits easily in our Golf. Very easy to manoevre, and love how flat it goes even in pushchair mode. The raincover fits really well too, better than a lot of the more expensive models.

  • We have the My3 and I'll be honest and say Id not get one again. We've had to send ours back for repair as the frame was coming apart and we've had 2 punctures on it already! I went for it as didnt want to spend a huge amount but it still ended up costing around ??320 with carseat & everything included. It also annoys me that you have to take the wheels off in order to fit it all in the car (depending on what car you have of course).
    Having said that, as renri1001 said it is very easy to push and we used the frame with the carseat until our LO was 6 months without any problems. We still use it now for walks from home but have a smaller stroller for the car.

    We probably just had a dodgy frame or something image
  • I agree with renri1002. The my4 is slightly smaller than the my3 as it has smaller wheels at the front, not the one large one (as far as i remember). So it folds away smaller than the my4. The only thing that the hubby has noticed is that the handle can catch on the floor when being folded up so ours is now a little scuffed (could just be the way hubb handles it tho lol!). We have had to use the raincover a fair bit in the last few days & it is really good! Its really easy to change around as well. I can't really think of any complaints so far. But we have only used it in the lieflat push chair mode so far as little man is only 9+4.
  • We have a scuffed handlebar too Barley so its definately not Hubby lol!
    I thought it was just the way we were putting it up and down image
  • Lol sarahboo, I shall let him off then image I'm just glad its not really noticeable & that it hasn't ripped the padded part - that wouldn't be good x
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