FAO anyone who uses reusable nappies!

I just wondered if anyone has any experiuence of buying nappies off e bay! There are 3 sellers 97K, coolababy and naughty baby nappies which I'm interested in!

Has anyone used them? How did you find them?

Also as far as I can see they are all in ones, so each time you change the nappy do you need to change and wash both the linner and the outer nappy or can you just put on a new linner?

Can you tell I'm a reusable virgin lol!

Ta in advance!



  • i've used 97k and they were really good, emailed to let you know when it was dispatched (with a pic of your parcel included) and good communication after too.

    don't know about the other sellers though am afraid.

    and yes hun you need to change the whole thing and was nappy and liner when you change x
  • How many nappies would you need for 2 days worth?
  • I have 20 BGs and that now sees me through 3 days at 15 weeks old.

    Coolababy get some good reviews but no direct experience.

  • i have used 97K and private sellers for most of mine, the ones freom 97k take about 10 days to arrive as there from china, they are a pocket nappy which come with one insert, both are washable, for a newborn i would think the one liner would be fine but we have had to buy extra ones for these as LO is quite a heavy wetter, i got bumgenius and popins from ebay private sellers and also some from babypur when they had an offer on

    we have about 20 and that lasts 2-3 days at 8 months but i would this for a newborn they would last about 2 days x
  • 10 days from china is amazing! weenotions are in yorkshire, we are in lancashire, and they take 2-3 weeks. :lol:

    i have ear good things about coolababy.
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