OT-UPDATE Find out if I'm redundant tomorrow


I've been lurking on here and not posting for the last few days which is just not like me. I've been really preoccupied with work stuff.
I find out tomorrow if I'm being made redundant. i've known for a while it's a possibility but yesterday (while I was at a bbq for my dad's 60th birthday) I was called and told I would need to interview for my own job today.

Needless to say my interview was rubbish. I had no time for preparation, cos I was spending it with family and friends etc. So I'm resigned to being told tomorrow that I won't be given a job in new structure and that I'll be made redundant.

I'm pooping myself cos no idea how we'll cope without my salary. Even part time it's the majority salary.
Also I'm so upset that after years of working hard to get where I am and make a good career for me and my family. Work will decide I'm not needed and let me go.

Also Archie is being really hard work just now. He is so clilngy and whingey. I'm assuming it's his teeth. But I'm so stressed about work that I'm finding it hard to be patient with him.

Anyway, thanks for letting me have a moan. S x


Well it's been the most horrid day ever. I've waited at my desk from 8am till 3pm to have my 15minute meeting and find out if I've still got a job or not.

And....... I do. Phew.

It's not the same job and it's not one I'm going to enjoy. But once I find out who my new boss is going to be then I should confirm I can keep my part time hours. Fingers crossed I can, if not I'm not sure what I'll do.
Anyway for now I'm still employed. I'm off on holiday from Friday for the next 2 wks so I'm off to book a week in the Lake District to celebrate. Suz xx

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  • aw hon, feel free to moan.
    Hopefully work will see that they really need you and keep you on (its crap that you have to do that though, my dad had to interview for his own job last year and lost and was lucky to get another one at 58! image )
    Of not, then something will come up, it might be better than this one was...
    am keeping my fingers crossed for you though.

    I can sympathise with the shortness of patience, and dont feel bad about it, you have a lot to cope with at the moment.

    Good luck for tomorrow!
  • Aww Sz hopefully they will realise that you are an asset to the team and keep you on, surely there are less experienced, dedicated people than you. What is it you do? You will find a way either way, us mummies are very resilient. Hope Archie feels better soon. Big hugs from me and sloppy kisses from Jake xxx
  • Aww hun I'm sorry to hear this image Don't be down on yourself though, they gave you no time to prepare which wasn't right, and you could still be OK.
    Not sure what else to say but good luck whatever happens we'll be here if you need to rant! xx
  • fingers crossed matey Ill be thinking about you tomorrow

  • Fingers crossed tomorrow hon.I hope everything is ok.

    Moan away - thats what we're here for image

    You never know - all could be ok. I'll send you some PMA image

  • oh goodness! Sooooooooo got everything crossed for you but all happens for a reason so I am CERTAIN it will be fine! image
  • Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for still being employed, a bit poo that its not something you will enjoy. :\(

    Oh where in the lakes are you going to? Ambleside is fab! image

    hope you get somewhere lovely and have a great holiday!

  • Oh that's great news Suz! Bet that is a weight off your shoulders just now. Hope you have a fabby time in the Lakes. I was talking about holidaying there earlier today

  • Aw, thanks girls.

    Definitely need to cheer myself up. Was so horrid today. My friend that I sit next to, 4 months pregnant, was made redundant. Cried more for her than for me.
    Even if I'm not going to like it much I'd rather be employed just now.

    I've seen a lovely little holiday village type place on lake windemere that has self catering lodges and static caravans etc.
    It has an indoor pool and playground. And a restaurant and bar too. Only 2 miles from Bowness if we want to go out for dinner.

    Going to book it tomorrow. S x
  • is that the white cross bay place? Its supposed to be really nice there - one of the first places in the lakes to get eco lodges apparently...

    There used to be a good little playground in Bowness as well, not sure if its still there...

    if you had a spare hour we could shoot up to meet you if you wanted? (I wont be offended if you say nope! ) image

  • oh glad you still have a job and hope the part time hrs work out for you!

    Have a FABULOUS holiday!
  • that is great news, have a gr8 holiday xx
  • Oh your holiday sounds fabulous. I will want to know how you got on so I can book for myself at a later date

  • great news that you still have a job.
    enjoy your holiday.
  • That's great news. Have a fab holiday x
  • Stephe - it is the White cross bay place. I booked it this morning and got 30% off. You don't get if you don't ask !

    Please don't be offended but probably won't use the opportunity to meet up. I would love to, honestly.
    But think hubby would think differently. He doesn't have an issue with BE. But would think I was a bit odd taking time out of our 1st family holiday to meet up with someone I don't really know. Does that make sense ?

    However if we like the place I'm sure we'll be back as we both like the lakes so maybe next time. I truly hope you're not offended. Suz x
  • Fab news hun, yay your off on hols, knew how much you wanted to go away have fun xxx
  • I'm not offended at all hun, and I can understand it. image
    Next time you're down we could try, or if we ever got up to my uncles place in coldingham we could try something then... ;\)
    Have a fab time there though, it is very highly rated.

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