What goes around.... believe in karma???

Well ladies, I was never a believer in all that stuff but now think that someone somewhere is smiling on us!!!

For those of you that have not seen my postings before, I gave birth to George in April this year, and he was diagnosed with Down's syndrome soon after birth - a real surprise package as it had not been diagnosed ante-natally. Luckily he is at the very mild end of the spectrum and doing fine medically - but as you can imagine we really went through the mill at the time.

My parents have been an amazing support and decided when I was pregnant that when they retired they would move from Manchester down to Gloucestershire to be nearer to us and the baby. Well, with all that has happened with George they vowed to speed the move up - as weren't even supposed to retire until next Spring. Mum even jokingly said that they'd be here for Xmas!

And guess what - they have completed on a lovely little house in Gloucester today and move in tomorrow!!! And get this for luck (given the current housing crisis/credit crunch thing!):
* They basically had someone knock on their door and ask to buy their house when they were ready to move!
* The house they were going to see got ??10000 knocked off the price the day before they were going to view it!
* The house they have bought was owned by a house builder who was so desperate to offload it that they held on when paperwork cock ups slowed things down!!

So I now believe that what goes around comes around - and someone obviously thought hubby and I deserve some nights out!!!!

Mrs S xx


  • Ahhhh how lovely!! Pleased things have worked out well! I'm still undecided BUT something we did find strange was.......OH and me were TTC for Kelsie for 14 months with no joy, neither of us had any problems. Dave's grandad sadly passed away, and about 8 weeks after he dies we find out I'm pregnant.

    It'd be so nice to think he had something to do with it!!

  • Certainly would!!
  • These are lovely stories!

    I remember you Mrs S, how is George doing? Still a clever little munchkin (unlike my lazy boy lol!)
    Thats great news about your parents. I live with the in laws and it is SO great having family nearby to help out when things get on top of you or to offer some advice.
  • Hi Tiger Lily, yep Georgie Porgie is still continuing to amaze us with what he's doing - rolling everywhere, pretty much sitting on his own, up on all fours and rocking (as if about to set off crawling!!) and does a few little steps forwards when you're trying to lie him down on his tummy! Doing well with the food too - he's had an ear infection this week and been very snotty with a bad cough (first ever illness tho - not bad in 8 months!!), but is now better (lovely anti-biotics!!) and his appetite has come back with a vengeance!! he just can't eat enough!! And I bet Gabe is just going to get up and start running around one today, and take you all by surprise!!!!
  • Hi Mrs S and George!

    How lovely that things are working out so well for you and your parents image

    Sounds like George is doing really well too- he's obviously going to be a clever boy!

  • aaaw bless you! have a lovely first christmas with george and im glad your parent s will be there to enjoy it too. MERRY CHRISTMAS! image xxx
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