Naming Ceremony!

Hi girls,

OH and I finaly compromised and decided we would have a naming ceremony!

I just wondered if any of you knew of any nice readings/poems/verses that could be read out during the ceremony, also looking for something that can be read out as a promise to my LO be her mentors/ god parents (not sure what you call them when it's non religious)

All help much appreciated!

Becky and Eve


  • Hiya

    We had a naming ceremony back in April, immediatley after our wedding for the two boys.

    We were given a pack from the registrar with lots of promises, and poems etc.
  • we had a naming ceremony for both of the girls- really lovely and personal. like ttc2009 we also had a pack given to us from the reg office with lots of lovely poems/readings in. xxx
  • hey becky can you email me and i will send tobys ceremony over to you. DOnt know why but havent got your emails anymore x
  • We had a humanist celebrant for LO's naming ceremony, and she gave us a big pack with readings and promises to choose from. I can email them to you if you want? x
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