Bye Bye Beety!!

Well, after Jax got his whole dummy (beety) in this mouth yesterday, (I swear my heart stopped for a minute) I have taken the brave step and not given him it tonight.

He's been in bed since 7.40, settled at 8.10 (after a nappy change, why does he wait until he's in bed?!) he's been up twice, only for a few minutes, looking for his dummy.

I feel really really bad about taking it from him, I could hear him sigh when he couldn't find it image Someone reassure me I've done the right thing!! He didn't really need it in the beginning, I kinda kept giving him it until he took it! How old was everyone elses Lo when the stopped the dummy?xx


  • Hello

    Can I ask how old he is? Thinking about weaning Ava off hers but not sure if its a bit early - shes almost 9 months!
  • Hi, we took dummy away 3 weeks ago (dd is nearly 9 months) for sleep reaons but def the right decision for us. My view is that it has to go one day and probably the younger the better so they can forget about it and find other ways to comfort (I had mine until I was 4 years old, I still remember giving them up now, lol).

    Its a big decision to make and Im sure its the right one if you felt it was right to do now. Just remember that you will have moments when you wished you still had it but they are few and they pass.

    He will forget about it really quickly (how old is he?), it may take a week or two but every day will be easier so hang in there.

    good luck, hope it goes well

  • Hi mel7, your Q has only just appeared. As you can see we did at 9 months and has not been too early. I tried at 5 months - that was too early for us. But 9 has been very easy for us, good luck if you go for it.
  • Thanks ladies!

    Happy birthday to your LO Mrs Amanda. Mel7, he's almost 9 months.

    It went really really well, he woke a bit earlier this morning, 7 am instead of 8am, so can't really complain. He also managed a morning nap without it, so I'm feeling pretty positive!! HV said it may take a few days and to make sure he doesn't see it!!We'll see how the next 48 hours go!!xx
  • Hmmmm, I think I may give it a go too then!!! She is struggling to settle if she wakes in the night unless she finds her dummy so think she will sleep better without in the long run!
  • We took it away from Michael at seven months. To be honest, he did not miss it. First time going to sleep was a bit difficult. We haven't looked back since. Must say he is now using his thumb, so not ideal, but I rather have that than a dummy which we have to get out of bed 5 times to put it back. :S
  • well done for taking it away all i can say is persevere ,i have a 3.5 year old ds and my dd is 1 on tues image ...i decided id had enough of the dummies last weekend ,fighting over them,searching in the night for them so last friday night they were gone! dummy fairy came and took both there dummies,however i feel dd is too little to understand so felt a bit mean (not helped by friends who kept commenting it was mean) but i couldnt let her have one and not j ,dd is a fab sleeper and always has been so friday night went well,sat was a but more disturbed but sunday night was awful she was awake ALL night ,nothing worked to settle her so in the end i gave in and found 1 dummy it happens she is full of cold and teething so it probably wasnt the best time to take her dummy,so she is having it from when she gets in the cot to when she wakes up before ds sees it and thats fine but i think when she is better we will attempt to get rid of it again,it makes it soooo much easier in the long run xxxxx
  • we took max's away when he was 10 months and it was FINE! so glad we did!
  • i tried about a month ago when jonni was 6 months and we lasted over 24 hours but he was just so miservale. crying and not settling all day and night. hes such a happy smiley baby that i couldnt bare to see him so sad. so gave him it back. will try again in a few months when the first few teeth have come through.

    well done to everyone who has managed it. im obviously just weak!!!!
  • Update!

    Today has gone just as well, I'm a bit suspicious....!! He actually went down easier tonight, no standing up in the cot or launching the dummy across the room and laughing at me trying to find it!! I have had to give him his tagggy to hold the few times he's stirred, I wasn't quite sure how to settle him but that seems to be doing the trick!!

    His naps were a little shorter, so he had an extra one, 3 half hours. But all seems well!! Feeling very proud of him! image
  • Hi Berly, please dont think you are weak, you just need to find the right time as you say. I beat myself up when we failed the first time at 5 months but have succeeded at 9 months. Even now though we have a few ups and down but it is def the right time....xxxx
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