bedding for baby question

Ive bought our baby 2 grobags and a swaddling blanket. My plan was to swaddle baby to start with (if baby's ok with that) then move onto the bags. My MIL has just been round with a massive pile of flat sheets and cellular blankets. Ive no idea what to do with them-do i make the crib up like you would with an adults bed-flat sheet then cellulars on top? I always thought blankets etc were a no-no.

What do you do?

38 weeks xx


  • yeah blankets are fine as long as you dont over heat your baby. we started using 1 flat sheet and 1 cellular with evie, but now she is using grobags as she kicks the covers off. if you use a grobag you dont use a blanket, just layer babies clothes according to the room temp xxx
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