Hi. My little man will be 7 months at christmas time and im just after some ideas for presents. As I wont be getting paid from the first week in nov being on maternity then money is a bit tight so we wont be going nuts (but im sure he'll be spoilt rotten by the grandparents) and we werent going to go over board anyway as he probably wont remember it as hes only little. We were going to get a jumperoo as we can get that on the Argos card and pay for it when I go back to work in january but was just wondering how much use he'd get out of it being 7 months when he gets it? The in laws are buying him a walker. I was just after some suggestions really, what r/did you get your LO at that age. Have been looking at mega bloks but they say from 1 year so not sure. Any help would be much appriciated.

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  • my daughter is 9 months and loves anything musical. if u go on the elc website u can put in what age and it comes up with lots of ideas for each gender. i would suggest perhaps a push along toy for the floor to encourage crawling, we have a blow up cylinder thing with balls in, sorry can t think of a name for it.
    also balls are fun.
    i would say no to getting a jumperoo at 7months personally but it depends n what ur LO is like, usually at that age they are learning to move on the floor etc u may not get a lot of use out of it.
    sorry not much help really xxx
  • SORRY I know I'm immature but the sentance above really made me laugh

    'balls are fun'

    lol still chuckling!! How the hell am I mature enough to be a parent?? X
  • Ha ha, im sure he'll learn in time that balls r fun!! I have seen the blow up thing in babies r us, was thinking of that or the v tech ball that moves on its own so they chase after it. He really liked the jumperoo when we tried it in mothercare but I have been worried about the age factor at christmas time. It does recommend from 6 months on the fisher price website though so not to sure what to do. Argh, never thought buying baby toys would be hard, lol!!

  • Hey hun,

    My dd is 7 months just now and has lost interest a bit in her jumperoo, she still goes in it but she prefers her walker and to sit on the floor with all her toys. We have bought her a Learn and Groove Station for Christmas when she will be 10 months but tbh i think she would love it just now!

    Tesco have some good deals on toys just now. You could get him a v-tech walker. My dd has one and even although she can't walk with it yet she loves the musical bit on the front - and the phone!

    At 7 months they are picking things up and exploring their toys, i would say anything that would stimulate him with noise and lights would be great.

  • hahaha do u know jasmine has been so miserable today when i wrote that i didnt laugh now looking back im in hysterics!!! lightened my mood slightly hahaha xxx
  • Hey ladybird, oh parents are getting him a walker but I have seen one that is a walker that turns into a bouncer and then a push along so might just go with that instead of the jumperoo, its got toys and lights and music as well so is the best of both really I suppose. Wanted to get the jumperoo also as would have time to pay for it after xmas. Hes not sitting up on his own just yet but getting there but he does love to lie under his gym with his toys.

    Thanx for the help girls, please keep the ideas coming
  • We're getting DS a whizz around garage as one of his pressies

    they have them on sale in elc at the moment and look really good x
  • DS2 will be 8 months at Christmas & we're getting him the Megabloks play table as his main present. I know they say from 12 months but DS1 was playing with them at nursery from 9 months & was able to build small towers virtually straight away.
  • DS is nearly 7 months now, and loves anything musical, but then again anything that he can grab too!

    We have bought him a toy tv remote and mobile phone as he is obsessed with ours! He also loves Mega Blocks he plays with at nursery so going to get him some of his own.

    Also noticed you said you arent going mad money wise and neither are we. I went into Tesco today and they have a huge big sale on all toys even fisher price and vtec!! So i have picked up quite a few bargins today to put away as he will be 9 months then. (eek!)

    Check it out online.

    Its worth keeping an eye out now whilst everything is on offer instead of leaving it closer to the time image xxx
  • I've just seen its 3 for 2 on all toys till tue in Argos on the tele and when you buy playskool toys you get 50% cashback so im going to get him a crawl along critter for ??24.99 and then something else with what money I get cause no doubt you'll have to spend it in argos (theres always a catch somewhere). I've just went on Smyths website to check something for hubby and found the perfect walker

    Everything I wanted in the jumeroo and a walker to so win win, hubbys parents are going to get him that.

    Thanx mummy_123 and bluemummy, think i'll get him the mega bloks as well, they are on offer in mothercare at the min so why not. Bought him a v tech mobile from home bargains when I went shopping this afternoon although id give him a pack of travel feeding bowls to hold as we were going round and then went to give him the phone instead and he looked at me like I was stupid, took the bowls off him to pay for them and he starting crying and when I give them back he was made up. Strange child. Think i'll just buy him aload of them.

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