FAO Everybody!

Hiya girlies

I've just been going through all my old posts from when i was pregnant and the ups and down we were all having at the time. My name back then was Bringiton for those who couldn't remember. Anyway. It made me quite emotional knowing how much we've all been through together from concieveing our babies to begging for a way to keep them quiet. lol. Its made me reaslise how much i have depended on all you girls for stuff and i just want to say a very big thank you for being there through thick and thin. You really are like sisters now and i feel i can say anything (apart from when a certain so and so might come on) so thank you so much for be so great and helping me through everythiing

Sorry for the soppy post

Lisa xxx


  • aaawww hunnie.

    I look back on old posts sometimes and it makes me sad. lol. I remember you as bringiton xx xx

    I feel the same and can honestly think of some of you girls as good friends even though we've never met. I too agree that the help and advice on here is invaluable. thankyou, love you all xx xx
  • aww hun ...im with u totally its such a journey from conception to when our lo's arrive and still every day i log on to catch up with everyone ....i often say to oh ..."and so and so from be said" lol......i feel like i know some of u well ....and it proves freindships can be formed online as i have a dear friend who i met on here ..who even though we havnt met (yet!)we seem to have so much in common ....lovely ...i hope i can form a few more friendships over the next few months too image .....anyway thats my soppyness....thanks guys for being here when i cant turn to anyone else xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Have to completely agree, i'd be lost without you girls - you're fab!!! The advice you give is brilliant and whenever im feeling down there is always someone on here to lighten my mood. A couple of weeks ago i was hardly leaving the house with lo and was having panic attacks but this last week i've been out everyday and its because of the kind words and encouragement from you girls! sooo looking forward to meeting you all at 'the big meet'.xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • i agree!
    all u ladies are fab and have given great advice and support aswell as laughs image
    i too have made some very good friends on here over the past couple yrs
    (luv ya, shona,jo,gem.xxx)

    aw i love soppy post proud-mum-of-2!
  • just bumping it up so everyone gets a chance to see it because its not only one of you thats kept me sane for the past year or so, its all of you.

    Thank you again

    Lisa xxx
  • yep that was me when i was wanting to bring on the birth of the lump giving me cramps, making me need the loo constantly, and keeping me awake (no change now lol). Changed it after having her because there was nothing else i was wanting to bring on. lol

    Lisa xxx
  • Awww honey. I'm the same. I have made a good few friends too. Hoping to come to the 'big meet' too so can put faces to names.

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