Reflux? milk intollerance? or just a sickie baby?

Hi all

posting to see if this sounds familur with anyone and if so would welcome suggestions...

my LO is 7 weeks old
hes been bottle fed from day 2 as i didnt get on with BF.
He was origionally on Aptimil but started being so very sick that he was prescribed infant gaviscon and we were told hes suffering with reflux.
so we did the normal - Dr Brown bottles as he is oh so windy and the wind usually brings up a projectile vomit, his moses basket is elevated at the head end, hes fed sat as upright as possible and kept upright for as along as we can after a feed (lay him down too soon and he screams and leeks milk like a tap)

from week 3 we were advised to switch to aptimil comfort which he was still puking up.. atleast one huge puke a day were talking
this week on tuesday after another visit to our GP hes on enfamil which is soo thick its like wall paper paste yet today hes been the most sick since this all started so off my own back weve now done two feeds on SMA WYSOYA as it was something that my HV mentioned that even tho hes been gaining weight all along and has no signs of a milk intollereance they dont all have to be text book and it could be worth a go...

weve used everything also from infacol to gripe water which seemed to make him worse
he has terrible wind and burping him is awful - he goes purple and really screms..
tomorrow is his 2nd app to a cranial oestopath too as last week at first visit was told hes got a tight diaphram which would explain his feeding

he feeds like hes been starved for years... very greedy and takes in as much as he can along with a suck of wind when off the bottle (sounds like a chicken?!)

does anyone have a LO like this? have you had simular? whats worked for you?
is there anything im not doing that i can try??
GP has also made him a reffurrel to hosp to see a peditrician to rule out anything medical as i explained this baby when awake is always unhappy, cries as soon as he wakes and unless feeding or sleeping hes really really cranky and for a first baby its really wearing me down image(
(pretty much in tears most days)
would love to hear from anyone whos been thru the same?



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  •, im not sure this is the same but wanted to reply, especially if youre seeing a paed as always good to have some ideas of what to ask.

    My identical twin boys are now 10 months old but we had some very difficult times at the beginning. Ill explain our situation and you can see if there are any similarities.

    I bf for 8 weeks, and eat very little dairy, and the boys were fine and put on weight quickly. Then, at 8 weeks I just couldnt keep up with demand of 2 very hungry babies and we switched qcross to formula. After the first bottle Alfie came out in a rash, but we didnt think much of it. We continued with the formula (Aptamil) for a few weeks but things just got worse and worse. They developed Eczema quite severely. They were never sick but had hiccups constantly and were always unhappy. At 16 weeks things came to a head. Alfie was worse, but Ryan also suffered. We spent 2 days getting 3-4oz into them ALL DAY. I took them to the Drs 4 times in one week. They refused milk totally, would cry and pull away while feeding, would be desperate to feed but after a few sips would pull away and scream and had awful wind. Their nappies were also a horrid shade of green and stank!

    After the 4th visit to the dr they finally referred us to a paed. We also were given Enfamil (which was awful!) and infant Gaviscon (which they are still on now). The app came through for a week later and we were recommended by the HV to try Comfort milk, which made a small difference. The paed automatically diagnosed a suspected milk allergy and gave me Pepti Junior. This wasnt great so we were given Neocate and this has been our lifesaver!!

    They developed a complete averson to milk and still dont drink enough now, but Neocate meant we could at least get something into them. By the time we saw the paed they were beginning to lose weight, but this hadnt been the case till way into the problems.

    HTH and sorry ive rambled. I really hope you get somewhere. I cant believe just how hard it was for a while and I would dread feeding them and end up in tears. The ladies on here helped so much. I hope I have gone a little way to helping you.

    Good Luck xxxxx
  • Well Done for your very helpful input loollypoop
  • Just wanted to say I have had nowhere near the problems you have had but my baby is a sicky baby and it is getting gradually better (he is 5 1/2 months). You sound like you are doing everything you can, the only other thing you can do is try not to let it get to you. At 7 weeks lots of babies are unhappy unless they are sleeping or feeding and this will get better. It does sound like colic/ trapped wind as well and hopefully you will see this get better soon.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help but just wanted to wish you all the best.

    Oh and ignore loollypoop - obviously they have nothing useful to offer. For a long time I though that things might not have been so bad if I'd have continued breastfeeding but then I remember now that when I was breastfeeding we had spectacular projectile vomiting so honestly it makes no difference whether you are breast or formula feeding!
  • Hiya hunny
    I'm sorry i don't have any advise just keep on and on at the doctors til you get the help your little man needs.
    Just wanted to say please don't let loollypop make you feel gulity for not breast feeding. Her respose quite frankly is unhelpful and just rude!! Each to their own opinions but sometimes they should be kept to yourself.
    I'm quite often around on facebook if you need to vent to someone.
    You are doing your very best for your little guy and i hope he gets the help he needs soon
  • Loolypop how dare you put a response like that on! What you have said infers blame unnecessarily and is also a complete load of bollocks!

    My son is 15 weeks old and is EBF and has similar problems except he has silent reflux. Reflux is often just a fact of life for some babies. I am waiting for my paeds appointment to get ranitidine prescribed, as gaviscon is not good for Lucas.

    Sometimes it is recommended to wean early due to reflux, but not always, and do not feel like you have caused this by FF as it's just not true honey.

    Sorry I can't help much, just keep pushing with your GP if thngs aren't right.
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  • Loollypop please do the op a favour and go away. This is not a BF vs FF debate and we grown ups will not turn it into one. If you have nothing useful to add to help the op then please do not post here.
    You are welcome to your opinion but it was not asked for. The op simply asked for help and support.
  • Loollypoop - Please do not comment on my situation without, it seems, having even read my post.

    My reason for visiting the drs 4 times in one week had absolutley nothing to do with ff! In fact, by bf for the 8 weeks I managed, I have put myself at severe risk of oesteoporosis (sp) as I am intollerant to dairy myself and therefore did not provide my body with the ingredients it needed to feed 2 very hungry, prem babies for any longer. I was not told this until I saw the paed at 17 weeks and I have been put on supplements to help lessen the damage I may have done. (I only know this from what the paed and dietician have told me)

    So, you may be the hollierthanthou breastfeeder (and I will attempt to bf my next one, should the twins not put us off forever) as I loved doing it. However, next time I will make sure that I am on the supplements my body needs to produce the milk it needs without putting me at risk.

    Now f off back to the hole you came from
  • Breastmilk is designed for humans. That, ladies, is a fact. You ff ladies can argue against it, call me names, all you like. But I'm not the one with the crying baby.

    No, but I was the one with the crying baby when I was breastfeeding. He struggled to latch on (often taking two hours to get him properly attached), had breast preference and then when he did get milk brought most of it back up due to problems with reflux.

    As you say, you obviously have no experience of dealing with reflux so how can you claim it is entirely because of formula?

    I am very pro-breastfeeding and can't understand why anyone wouldn't try it before formula feeding but for some people it is just not the right path. Yes breastmilk is designed for humans, and I don't think anyone on here would contradict you on that point.

    However, to come on a thread where someone is clearly struggling in a very difficult situation and to make insensitive comments laying blame on them for breastfeeding is not on and I do feel the need to stick up for them. Comments like the one you made are not necessary - perhaps it would have been better to say nothing at all.
  • Sorry I can't help with the original post but can ignore someone being so blantantly unhelpful and actually rude!
    I'm glad you managed to bf loollypop or what else would you have done if you could not provide you lo with milk designed for humans, let them starve? The op wasn't asking for comments on ff v bf. Us ff ladies aren't inferior to you missus. Can I just check, you are some
    form of medic obviously by reading your posts or you wouldn't have the ordacity(sp?) to state 'facts' in the way you do would you?
  • So not only are you ignorant, you also can't read loolypop. As I said, Lucas is EBF, and DOES have the same problem, as does a friend's son who also BF.

    You are the reason poor ladies like the OP are scared to ask for help from their GPs and their little ones suffer because of your lack of empathy, understanding, tolerance and the fact you are a total bitch.

    Now step away from the keyboard and take your unwanted opinions elsewhere.
  • Thank God theyve taken my advice! lol! Now, I hope the OP can find some advice they find useful xxx
  • Don't feed the troll etc etc, but Hugo was exclusively breastfed (I say 'was' because he is now on solids as he's nearly 8 months old) and while I don't think we had it as bad as you, WorldCupBaby, we've had it bad - so bad that when I started weaning at 6 months we had to stop as we had shocking problems.

    So Loollypop, aren't you lucky not to have a crying baby? I did and still DO have a crying baby - breastfeeding is not a miracle cure to all problems baby-related.

    Sorry I have no constructive advice for you WCB, but please don't feel guilty about not breastfeeding.

    I can't understand how 'loollypop' (great name by the way, inspires real confidence in any opinion you may hold) thinks that we are irresponsible by saying that breastfed babies have these types of problems. It's a fact and it would be irresponsible of me to deny that my son has had problems with reflux and wind. Moron.
  • thankyou ladies and thankfully i wasnt on earlier to read whatever the stoopid troll had posted but i can gather it was about BF.... makes you larf doesnt it people come on to stir... would like to know what she would of put had i of said i had no boobs and BF was never an option mmmmm anyways moving on
    all your posts have been helpful & reassuring to know my LO isnt the only one out here whos having / had problems.
    tonight weve just had another projectile therefore it does lead me to question if something isnt right inside his tummy

    thankyou & goodnite ladies, time to join hubby & bubs upstairs xx
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