Toys packaging!!

Anyone else's fingers Killing???

I'm having nightmares now because i've opened so many of these stupid things. lol.

Anyone else having fun with the ridculous stab your finger a million times ties on all toys? I swear on one of Ethans the other night i was twisting one for ages and after i'd done it wasn't holding anything in anyway!!! I think the people that make these things know we can't stand them so add the odd fake one just to rip your fingertips off!

I'm gonna cry if i have to twist one more of the evil things :\( It would help if you could use a thimble to do it or some kind of finger armour but they make them so you have to use your bare fingers and end without fingerprints. lol

So much easier when i was little and it was just a piece of string that held the doll in. lol

Hope you've all had a great christmas.

Lisa xxx


  • I know exactly what you mean :lol: Theres so much cardboard etc from toys, wrapping paper etc our recycling bin is full and bins don't go out for another 6 days!! Eeeekkk!!

    Aside from that, we had a lovely christmas day, was really nice to all be together! Did you have a nice time?

  • Hi

    packaging nightmare - apart from the sore fingers - Peppa Pig car actually needed a small phillips head screw driver to release it! My toddler couldn't understand why I didn't have one to hand while cooking dinner! x

  • We had a great time thank you. My house now looks like toy r us but its worth it when you see them happy playing.

    Ethan had a remote control car that was screwed to some plastic and he came running into the kicthen, went into the cupboard under the sink, got the screwdriver out and tried taking it off himself. After i watched him turning into a little stressy head and nearly hammering the screw out i helped him out. lol

    As for Gracie, next time i'm just gonna give her the roll og wrapping paper. lol. x
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