Sleeping problems!

Hey ladies, not been online in ages, hope everyone is well :\)

Sam is now 15 months old (how time flies!) and we are having some huge sleep problems!

Ever since he had his MMR jag at the end of November he will not go to sleep without me or his daddy rocking him, cuddling him, being there by his cot. It takes an hour or so to get him to sleep. I was considering the possibility of him having Seperation Anxiety and then just got in the habit of being helped getting to sleep? He is still in his cot, He is not ready for his big boy bed yet (I'm saying this because he isn't trying to climb out and would most certainly fall out and hurt himself in a toddler bed)

He has not had a nap in months. Does anyone know roughly how much sleep a 15 month old needs during the day? He wakes up alot during the night (he is teething at the moment though but when he wasnt, he was still waking up looking for his dummy) Like I said, this all started at the end of November. I would like to try controlled crying but if he does have Seperation Anxiety, surely this will upset him even more?

Can anyone tell me how I go about controlled crying? How long do I leave it?

I have tried putting him down, tucking him in and walking away but he screams bloody murder, even though he is visibly very tired. As soon as I lie him down in his cot he turns over right away and stands up.

I really dont know what to do anymore, the past month and so has been complete hell, our lives have become revolved around getting him to sleep and 'whos turn' it is. Im really not enjoying being a mummy at the moment :cry:

When we do get him to go to sleep at night, he sleeps anywhere between 10-14 hours, and every day he is grumpy and winging constantly because he is so tired.

Sorry this is long, Im really stuck and my only option is controlled crying.

Thanks for any advice in advance!

Emilie and Sam xxx


  • hi honey, sorry to hear you're having such a rough time. First off, i don't have a 15month old - but a 13month old and she still naps anywhere between 1 and 3hours in the afternoon everyday. I have friends with 18-24month olds who also still nap when out in their pushchairs. I don't really know whats "normal" at Sams age though!

    It does sounds like seperation anxiety, and also sounds like you've all fallen into the habbit (which is SO easily done so don't beat yourself up) and it needs to be broken.

    Controlled crying apparently is harder the older they are, but if parents persist and are consistant with it it can still work miracles. The down side is it might take a while and not much sleep!

    The way i'd do it is to tuck him in at bedtime, perhaps read him a story? to settle him and for cuddle time too? Just thinking that because of his age, he might cope better with something like this in place. Once you've tucked him in and left the room, he will no doubt get very upset, but leave him for say 5mins, and then go in and give a little reassurance, choose a line to say such as "go to sleep son, love you" and leave the room as quickly as you can. Again, he will probably cry, but the idea is that this time you wait longer, for example 10mins. You can always choose the time frames yourself and do it how you're most comfortable, just increase the time between going into the room, and always say and do the same thing once your're in his bedroom.

    Evie was 6months when we did it and it only took a couple of nights for it to catch on and she's been a good sleeper since. I've heard storied of it taking a couple of weeks though, so be prepared! Headphones work a treat for the inbetween times to drown out the sound of the crying and stop you from getting tempted to go in and cuddle him.

    If you decide to do it good luck, and remember that if one time you give up and go in and pick him up you're taking 10steps backwards! I hope you get a good response with it XXX
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