fao Gemmiebaby

hi there

hoping you can help me. We are down the road from you atm and struggling to find indoor play plaes for toby as it is set to rain for the next few days.

I know there is one at strikes kings lynn but do you know of any otheres or any idea of rainy day things to do.

Thanks you

Sarah and Toby - ps cant wait to see you and boys next week x


  • Hummm, the one at Strikes is ok, although im convinced this is where the boys got their bug from so wont be going there again for a while!

    There is one on the main Wisbech road. Its a Brewers Fair and has a soft play area. We go here quite a lot as its quieter than Strikes and you can have a drink and a sandwich without it costing the earth!

    There is also one at Hunstanton (if its still there!) but we havent been in there since I was a child!

    Dont know what you think about swimming but Oasis at hunstanton is good for a rainy day. I *think* they might have an indoor play area too...but im not sure.

    Ill have a think about others, or other things you can do in the rain. Looking forward to seeing you too!
  • lol being nosey xx
  • thanks hun - just checked out oasis and yes they do have one as well which is closer to us. Its brightened up so we are going to Park Farm in Snettisham this afternoon - my brother is bringing them a goat from the zoo he works at so hopefully we will get a cuddle first!

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