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I just need to check I am reading and understanding the words in the burgundy book right (lol).

''Your entitlement to maternity pay is dependent on your length of continuous service as a teacher.'' I have taught for 7 years...it then says 'Will you have completed one years continuous service by date A (11 weeks before the due date of baby)...so by this I take it I will have because I have worked as a teacher for the last 7 years and not 'broken' the 7 years of working...it then says 'will you have completed 26 weeks service for your current employer by date B (15 weeks before the due date of baby)...now this is the tricky bit. If I stay at my school then yes, but if I move schools at Christmas I may not quite get the 26 weeks bit in.

Anyway, what I am trying to check is continuous service as a teacher does just mean 'as a teacher' and it doesn't matter if I work for various LA's in those 7 years I have worked???? Sorry if I have confused you!

I won't even ask about secondments!


  • OK hang on - you won't have broke your continuous service but oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh I get confused HANG ON i'll check it out and be RIGHT back!!! image
  • Thanks! Have made hubby read the 'rules' in the burgundy book and he thinks even if I change schools, because I haven't broken my 7 years I will be ok and get maternity pay on 'section B' which is practically the same as 'section A' pay. It's just that we are now thinking of moving and it def means moving out the the LA I am in now!
  • right have a look here:
    dowload the booklet and then look at page 7of20 and there is a table that I THINK makes it simple - if that doesn't answer what you need to know get back to me!

    Ohhhhhhh moving where? when why? when did you decide? Will you look for similar job or higher up????
  • Thanks. I think from that the burgundy book saves me! Although swapping authorities it would mean that my continuity wouldn't be broken, but I won't get SMP tagged onto my 'normal' pay, just full pay, then 90% then 1/2 pay for 12 weeks. But if TTC takes a while then I should get the 26 weeks service in too lol.

    Hoping to go up to north yorkshire area, plan is for me to look for a new job up there rather than here, and hopefully sell our house so we can buy one up there. We've always said we'd like to live up that way and with me wanting to change schools and things being so uncertain with hubby's job over the last 6 months we kinda decided today that there is no time like the present! I am kinda stuck with the job thing, will have to either look for something on same management level now (TLR) or perhaps assistant head. Hubby has already started to look at houses/areas and traveling distance from his job now as he would have to commute until he get could a job up there. Probably not the most sensible time to do it when we've just extended the downstairs on this house and are planning a baby but hey, if we don't do it now, we never will!
    Oh and my stinki minki nappy bag arrived on Friday (first one got lost in post grr) so thanks for recommending that website...went for July flowers pattern as that was the month Lily was born in!
  • oh I need to order another stinkiminki! If you don't qualify for SMP you will still get SMA - check on www.direct.gov.uk but you will be entitled to it!

    OH YAY - move up this way then we can meet - check out www.sector1.net for teaching jobs int he authorities round there! image
  • Lol - will look at that website. You will have to come to escape again! Must get Kerry onto sorting out another meet.

    Will look at MA, but I get so confused by it all. Hubby just said we could take a payment holiday from the mortgage (but we would need to stay with same mortgage company if we moved then) so that would make things easier. Am actually quite excited now. Just need to get this 'new' job before the October resignation deadline. No pressure lol.
  • SMA is NOT confusing PROMISE - you will just get paid it automatically so DON'T worry about that. We took a mortgage holiday for 3 months the last time and it was great!

    no pressure indeed!!! I'm sure you'll do it!
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