Dribbly baby help?!

Hi everyone, my DS is 11 weeks 3 days (where has the time gone!) and he has always been a dribbly baby. He was breastfed for 4 days but I had big problems and so expressed for the next 3 weeks and now he is FF. We use TT Closer to nature with variflow teats (was starting to fall asleep with size 1) and he is always dribbling. He drenches a bib at every feed!! Just wondering if anyone can recommend other bottles that may be better or is he just a 'dribbly baby'!!

Thanks xxx

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  • Have you tried just size 2 teats. My DS is 8 months, and the variflow make him dribble. Well he dribbles with the size 3, but I think they are easier for him to get on with.

    Might be worth a try, before you spend out on a whole new set of bottles. xx
  • Thanks for reply, when he was on size 1 he dribbled a lot then too so not sure if using size 2 would make a difference but I might give it a go!! Thanks

  • James has always dribbled, but not as much as your lo. He always ends up with a milk beard, unless lying completely flat. For example, recently he won't always sit on my lap for bedtime bottle. So he has it in his crib, then he doesn't dribble. Not sure that helps you! :lol: xx
  • DD does this too, on Dr Brown bottles, we have been recommended to try MAM bottles as a flatter teat, gonna give it a try when the medium flow teats arrive so will let you know! I never know whether to 'lose' an ounce from what I think she's had cos of the amount she dribbles lol
  • We use MAM bottles and LO is less dribbly than she was with the TT ones. We changed tho because of wind and the teets collapsing so slightly different reasons xx
  • G/C and probably a long shot but is there definately no tounge tie? Can cause difficulty feeding and excess dribble... xx
  • i was going to say perhaps a tongue tie? may be worth getting a quick check xx
  • Thanks for all the replies. Have tried size 2 teat and think there was an improvement. He doesn't have a tongue tie- he's been at docs for thrush and he thoroughly examined tongue!!
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