Did you use CBFM whilst breastfeeding?

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Hubby and I are trying for our second and, after 10 months of exclusive bf, I have nearly weaned lo off the boob. HOwever, I still haven't had a proper AF (only some spotting a week ago) and am now thinking that perhaps the CBFM would help me.

The website says that I should wait 2 clear cycles before using it and so I was wondering if anyone has used it whilst breastfeeding or shortly after stopping and did it work?

It is an expensive piece of kit so want to make sure it is worth getting.

Many thanks


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  • do you mean the clearblue fertility monitor? t is diofferent for different people. i have long cycles and it was never accurate for me. over 45 days from cd 1 to cd1 and it just doesnt read the ov. some people get around this by starting the poas a week or 2 later, but you need to be regularly iregular to know when iykwim. i gave mine away to someone who has still not conceived over a year later (although she has been pregnant before). there are cheaper ways to get them, but i cant remember where. i think some poeple got them cheap from tesco on some event.
  • The way it works, I can't see it being much use at all using it while bf'ing, unless you have definite periods and some dates to work with.

    When you first switch the machine on you have to program it on the first day of your period (so you have to have one to start with). It will then give you at least 6 days before it asks you to PAOS, then you do this for 10 or 20 days, if it hasn't detected a peak reading. After the 10 or 20 days, you have to wait for your next period to come to restart the process. Hope that makes sense and helps xx
  • Many thanks for your replies.Do you think I could just use it like cheap ov sticks and start at any time. I thought perhaps if I used it over a whole month it may just give me an idea what my cycle might be doing, I know cheapie sticks would be obviously cheaper but I really want as much help as possible with this. Presumably if I am not even close to ov'ing it won't detect anything and I at least know where I stand (to a certain extent).

    I know I am clutching at straws but I really want another baby!!!!

  • Hi Shimmsie,

    We've been trying for another baby for 9 months (about to go into month 10) and for the last month I have been using the monitor all the time whilst still breastfeeding.

    I did get my periods back before we started ttc though and you couldn't really use the monitor until you do as you can't poas unless it prrompts you to do so!

    I think until you get your af you'd be better off peeing on a cheap opk every day and you'll see if you're ovulating that way!

    Good luck x
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