should i be worried???

hello ladies and babies again with another question image

ok sophia is a very content baby ,she very rarely cries and if she does its cos im not fast enough with her milk or she has lots of wind ..anyway today she had 2oz milk at 10.30 then we went out (she had already had 3oz at 8.30am) ok we got back at 2.30 she hadnt woken once despite being moved from car to pram etc so i didnt wake her ...when we got home i changed her nappy and it was bone dry image and so i gave her some milk even though she wasnt crying for it and she has still only taken 3oz's :roll: she should be starving hungary after 4 hours .... she has also just had a very green poo image ...should i be worried about her?? she seems ok just her normal chilled self but she would normally wake for milk after 3 hrs and also have a very wet nappy .... any advice appreciated

thanks ladies xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • does she normaly drink that much or has she drunk less? i guess if its a one off then it might be ok,i would keep an eye on it and see if it happens again,if in doubt phone the doctors

  • I'd give NHS a call if you're worried at all honey. Green poo's are normal! Disgusting - but normal!! Jack only took 1 oz every 2/3 hours up until he was 3 weeks honey, so dont be to alarmed if she's not drinking that much. She'll take her milk if she wants it hon.

  • thanks for ure replies ...well she has had a wet nappy now so i guess she is ok simply stressing cos the h/v said i need to make sure she is drinking 20 oz in 24 hrs and i think she only had 17 in the last 24...she is gaining weight steadily but they insist i should be forcing 4oz bottles down her :roll: id like to see them try and succeed!!

    thanks again xxxxxxxx
  • HV's are obsessed with guildlines. They think babies are machines and not tiny little people! She'll drink at her own pace hon. Please dont worry what HV says. My HV wanted me to strip Jack naked and get him upset so he would take more milk and we would not ever consider doing that!

    Don't force her to have it, she'll take what she wants.

  • thank hun ...there a pain in the a**e arnt they ...i have no faith in doctors of h/v anymore ...the doctor told me to let jack walk home in his vest the other day to bring down his temp image idiot!! :lol:

  • my HV has me petrified and I worried myself sick about the whole 20oz in 24hrs thing- ellie was taking maybe 10oz a day if i was lucky and that's including night feeds! thankfully she took a bit more but even now at 11 months will only take between 10-17oz xox
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