At what age can Ruby have cheese?
She is 6 and a half months but has been weaned since 4 months.

And...what sort of cheese?

We have catherdral city mature. Is this ok or should it be mild?

And how do I give it to her?



  • millie had it since 5 months just tiny bits in her food not as a finger food i know they say its fine from 6 months. u can give it in cubes as finger foods, or mix it in with there food if u make ur own, i mix it in with potato and cauliflower and millie loves it! millie is 24 weeks now so not long til shes 6 months and shes been weaned since 4 months. i have cathedral cheese. only cheese im not sure about is cheeses like brie im not sure what age they can have that x x
  • hun, how do you make that potato, cheese and caulli sounds yum xx
  • ahh i just wrote it all out and it went ahh have to do it again now grr. ok peel and chop a potato ( normal one not sweet) and steam it then add some cauliflower and steam until soft then put in a bowl and add grated cheese and blend. u will need to keep tasting and addin cauliflower til u think it tastes nice as potato doesnt have much taste so u may to keep adding the cauliflower and then add as much cheese as u think. i do a nice tomato one too. u put a few tomatoes in boiling water for 30 secs then transfer to cold then the skin should come off then u de seed them and chop and saute in a pan with no salt butter then add to the steamed potatos and add cheese and blend. very yummy!! add tomatoes bit at time again and taste thats what i do. i also make a really nice dessert. its cooked apple and strawberries. u peel de cor and chop 2 dessert apples( pink lady is good) u chop the stem off the strawberries and chop up ( about 2oz) and put in a pan with the apples add a tiny amount of water and put lid on and cook on low heat keep checking as it makes its own water so u may need to keep emptyin some. takes about 5mins sometimes apple takes a bit longer then the strawberries. then put in a bowl and add a quater of rusk crumble it in or a spoonful of babyrice i use rusk and then blend. i feeze all mine that tastes like crumbe its sooo nice x x
  • Hiya, they can have cheese from 6 months, Gabe used to like cauliflour and broccoli pureed with grated cheese added. We use mild cheddar for him but that's all we have in the house anyway but I think mature should be fine too, just use a bit less of it. The cheeses you can't give are soft cheese (apart from things like dairylea and philly, they're OK) and mould ripened blue cheese.
  • oh thank you hunni, i was looking for some new meals! They all sound gorgeous too thanks again xx
  • Mmmm, yummy! Now i'm hungry! xxx
  • Yep Cheese from 6 months is FINE and any kind is good - my lo likes the stronger flavours so just try and see! Grated in food, in sandwiches, as chunks etc etc is all good!
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