Sleeping Bag sizes??

We had the boys in 6-12 months sleeping bags, but at 10 months, their feet touch the end and they cant really stretch out.

I went out to buy some new ones today and had 2 choices, either buy 6 - 18month ones, which didnt seem much longer than the ones we have, or 18 - 36 month ones, which were much longer. The head and arm holes werent different really, and the boys have much more control at 10 months anyway.

I bought the 18 - 36 month ones as I just cant afford to buy more for the boys in 6 months time when they outgrow the 6 - 18m ones! Plus, the holes werent really any different.

They are very long but we have put the boys to bed in them tonight and they seem fine.

Is there anything wrong with them being in bigger ones??


  • Hey,

    I don't see there being any issue, as long as they can't wriggle their heads into them they will be fine. My dd is 6 months and the 6-12 month sleeping bag she has is really short. I wouldn't bother with the age guidelines, as long as they fit image

  • Thats what I thought. Thanks hun xx
  • I was just wondering about this!

    Adam is 6 months, but wears 9-12 month sleep suits (he is tall) and is in the 18+ months bags already!

  • im in the same position as you gemmiebaby - didnt realise there were bigger sleeping bags - willl def have to invest in some of those! dont think the size will be a problem though.

  • hi, i do,'t g by the age on them as ds is small for his age anyway (17months and most of his 6-9 still fits, and most of his 9-12is too small) but i know the grobag ones have a weight guide on them, their 0-6m i think is 7.5lb+, 6-18m is 18lb+ (this is the size ds is still in, and he's plenty of leg space yet - he is only 22lb though, 9thC for weight and for height) and 18-36m is 26lb+. if u think they're fine with the size holes then i wouldn't worry, all babies are different shapes and sizes and one size hole will be right for one and not another...i know slumber sac do 6-36m ones where the bottom half of the bag poppers up so its not too long to start with, ds has one of those, tbh i find it annoying as the poppers do come undone and then it is far too long and gets all wrapped up round his legs, but like i say he's shorty so might not be a problem, u could always try ne of those, tk maxx sell them for ??12. hth xx

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