Sick but no dioreah.... help

Ruby refused the breast all day yesterday and then slept through last night.
However, she woke at 6am and I brought her into bed with us to breasfeed her. She took a good feed and then 10 minutes later she was sick EVERYWHERE. All in our bed, in my hair, all over me...
Cleaned her all up and then she did it again and about four more times during the morning,
Rang NHS Direct who said just give her boiled water, so have been.
Then at 12.45pm she was so hungry and crying and her tummy was rumbling so I gave her a breast feed - she was ravenous but 40mins later she was sick EVERYWHERE again.

She seems OK, just a bit more clingy than normal and a bit more tired.

Do you think she has a bug? She has had two normal solid poos.

What should I do now? She is so so hungry again and sucking my neck looking for the boob!

She is 6 months old. Pls help!



  • hey hun JJ has been the same, his diorrhea didn't start til after he'd stopped being sick (altho he's started again)...does she ever have formula? if so could u dilute some and try her with that? i have no idea about breastmilk but are u allowed to express some and dilute that with water? the doctor gave me dioralyte sachets for JJ but he won't take them...i wish i knew the answer to "what should i do" :\?
  • Bless, poor little thing.

    Not really sure what to suggest. Louise had the opposite, diorrhea but no being sick. She went off feeding - no solids at all for 2 days and very few breastfeeds for 2days too. The doctor also gave me dioralyte for her, I explained that she is bf and wont take a bottle so she gave me a syringe. We were able to give her about 40mls of it. Not sure if it was a coinsidence or not but she's fed well since. I got a bit confused about how much dioralte to give as the instructions were more for bottle fed babies so I ended up calling NHS direct for advice and ended up speaking to a different doctor (that has seen Louise a few times recently for her eczema and I have more trust in him). He said that breastmilk was the best thing for her and to only give the dioralte if she wouldn't have the milk.

    Will she have any solids? Could solids help to stop her hunger a little then give a small breastfeed? (then worth expressing - when Louise had drunk less - ouch!)

    mrsjbourne - do you have a syringe you could try? then you can give just a little at a time.

    Hope both your lo's get better soon

  • yeah hun i just had that brainwave before i read ur post lol i just syringed 2oz into him so we'll see how that settles!! x
  • Hi, Nathan is ill at the moment, its horrible isnt it. I'm so anxious its silly!

    But he is my second so I feel a bit more confident about what to do now. From the first sickness I stop all solids and give just water for at least 12 hours, this can be really hard as they do sometimes still have an appetite but when they are that poorly anything more just gets brought up, even the water is sometimes.
    Then I introduce a milk feed and only if that stays down do I add solids. They will be something very plain like porridge, or chicken with rice.

    This has always worked well for all of us - took a bit of getting used to as I felt cruel not feeding them but was initialy done on Drs advice and now they recover generally within 24 hours from bugs. Fingers crossed.

  • charlie has been the same he was just being sick for about a week and then the diarrhea started. my doc said that she wasn't to worried as he was still eating and generally well in himself apart from being sick and having diarrhea but iv to take him back in next week if he isn't any better. gaviscon infant can be good to help stop them being as sick, and also giving dyrolite i really good for helping to stop them from getting dehydrated
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