meal help?

Can any give me any ideas of meals i can cook for my 10 month old?thanks.

Jade x


  • hi jade - keep an eye on my meal planning thread as its pretty good already x
  • just seen it!!!thanks x
  • at the moment we are liking sweet potato, butternut squash, spinach and chick pea. You can blend or mash or leave quite chuncky depending on your needs!

    spag bol is going down well, I just make baby pasta instead of spag.

    crushed salmon (baked with olive oil and basil) with potato and broccoli and a bit of butter

    Roasted veg, cous cous, houmous and falafel is a good finger food meal.

    another good pasta one is, fine chopped tomatoes (skin off is good) mixed with sweetcorn cottage cheese avocado and maybe some fresh herbs.

    Weve just started doing risottos. I just dont put in any stock, just boiling water, and put in extra garlic and herbs for flavour.

    Thats a start!
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