just a quick one, for when i go on holiday im gonna have to make up bottles as its too many crtons to take with me. if i boil the water and have the powder separate how do i warm the water back up to add the powder to when we are out and about?

i know it sounds daft but i have never done bottles like this before, i always take cartons of SMA out with me. i am gonna have to use a travel kettle in the room fill the bottle and take powder separate



  • when on long days out we fill a big flask with boiling water and then just pour out what is needed during the day. we find it keeps the water really quite hot all day and so we don't have to worry about having access to a kettle.
  • Hi, Im Rob and I have these great bottles from Tommie Tippe and you put the hot water in and then a little container goes inside the bottle which is completely water proof and hold the feed. These bottles are great for taking out with you and GOODLUCK with the rest! :roll:
  • Hi

    i bought a warming pack which had some sort of crystal in that heated up when you pressed the button - it got hot but not hot enough - so if you see one don't buy it!

    A thermos flask works fine and i found lots of places will be happy to fill a bottle with boiling water for you.
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