Travel with babies (also in PG)

Hello everyone - happy haloween! I feel a bit cheeky posting this - mainly because although I read your posts for advice I don't actually post often so I feel like a bit of an imposter!!

Basically I am a teacher but before this I was a web developer - I am on my maternity and painfully counting down the days till my little dude arrives in 12 days (hopefully!!). To kill time my DH suggested I organise and book our first family holiday for next year - so as this is our first baby I thought I would do some research to find family friendly places or tips for traveling with our son. Before our pregnancy my DH and I travelled all over the world so we like something a bit adventerous but obviously we were going to keep this holl low key whilst we get used to being parents. Anyway I found dribs and drabs of information but nothing too substantial - so I got thinking that I could design a better site than the ones I'd looked at with advice about destinations, products (travel cots, travel sterilisers etc) where mums could email in tips and ideas - plus our own from our future travels and all this information could be put together in one place to help other mums and dads that like to travel like us.

So in a very long winded way I was just wondering - would you use a site like this? As a busy mum would you ever find time to email in advice on your own travels?

Sorry for such an essay! Thank you!




  • Yes, I think it's an excellent idea. We're thinking about travelling long haul next year with our LO and I honestly don't have a clue where to start. A website as you suggest would be very useful.

    As I'm still waiting to become a mum I can't say if I'd have time to email advice in myself but I'd like to think that I'd be able to.

    Wishing you lots of luck xx
  • Thank you for your reply lawso - I have started working on my little site at - it's a bit sparse on info at the moment but I'm trying to get it filled up!!
  • I think this would be useful too. I also had these worries and questions as when pregnant we were thinking where to go on holiday with baby etc. I posted on here for advice and asked questions but it'd be good to have tips etc all in 1 place.
    We plan on taking our new baby on holiday in march and he will be over 4 months. I still will need advice on stuff and how to minmise packing etc lol!!
  • Web site would be great!
    My tip would be If you are going away with a tiny baby (under 6-7 months) take a pop up crib you are never sure what the cots abroard are going to be like.
  • I think this is a fab idea. I'm hoping we can see the world as a family and would love a one stop shop for info.

    Maybe do a survey form that can be submitted would work better then emailing advice - check boxes etc would be easier as I dont find much time to type these days and can handle the mouse while BFing etc. Just a thought.

    Good Luck. xxxxx
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