Toby doesnt play with his toes anymore.......

his new toy is his Willy - OMG i didnt know what to do earlier on i thought he was going to pull it off when we had free nappy time!


  • Haha I have heard this about little boys, so glad I had a girl!xxx
  • oh god! i often think autsin is trying to pull his off, its amazing how far he stretches it lol! keep telling him to be gentle withit cos he'll need it when he's older lol (obviously he hears blah blah blah willy)

  • That made me laugh cos Freddie does the same! The minute his nappy is off he has to check it's still there ... doesn't play with ducks in the bath any more since he discovered his willy!!
  • Ha ha - DS has been playing with his for a while but this week he has starting smiling when he grabs it ! Boys r so rude - ha ha !!!
  • oh just wait ladies it gets worse im afraid!!!! :lol:
  • god i am dreading this esp in public :lol:
  • Oh summer I just nearly spat my drink over my laptop, I was laughing that much :lol:

    Dylan apparently does the same in the bath though according to hubby! Although hes yet to show mummy this new trick! I think this is one developmental milestone I can wait happily for :lol:


  • Uh oh, I think this is probably right around the corner for us. Toby is still obsessed with his toes but has started laughing hysterically and grinning like an idiot when I clean his willy during nappy changes...a bit embarassing when others are around!!

    C image
  • We've not had this yet with Brody but I did catch him trying to grab his daddy's in the bath last week much to his surprise!! But he swiftly moved on and back to his bath toys. i guess it must be so tempting for them sticking out and all! :lol:
  • ha ha ha sim75, poor daddy! Cameron is still oblivious to his little peep although I suspect once he realises it's there it's going to become his new best friend!! x
  • Dylan is the same, I am amazed at how much he can pull and tug on it and not hurt himself. As soon as he gets in the bath every night he checks his willy is still there!!!! Don't think boys ever grow out of it!!! x
  • Tyler is the same, I keep warning him he's going to pull it off, or go blind !!!
  • Adam hasn't found his toes yet, as his willy has been keeping him amused since about 12 weeks! :lol:
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