HI I will also be posting this on the brestfeeding forum. Has anyone on here been perscribed the above cream or even better are you a doctor??? My doctor has given it to me (it contains Glyceryl Trinitrate) for a tear that I still have in my bum. Having read the leaflet though it say not to use if pregnant or brestfeeding. I'm breastfeeding my son. Doctor says its fine I'm worried though why would tey say not to take it if its fine?! Me and hubby don't really trust the doctor as we've had quite a few problems with our surgery. Sny advice or help you can offer would be great xx


  • Hi,

    I can't comment on that cream personally but I know if some items are not 'prescription only' and are available to be bought 'over the counter' this is written in to stop people using them without the advice of a doctor.

    If you want a second opinion I would speak to another doctor or ring NHSdirect...
  • hi, i have and still are using the cream i got prescibed it when i was pregnant(recently miscarried) and i rang the pharmist up about taking it whilst pregnant and he said its fine if the doctor has prescibed it, but if your worried get a second opion with a diffrent doctor, has its quite strong.

    thought i was the only one in AGONY with a tear!! lol xx
  • HI, Thanks for the replies I have contacting the manufacturers and they said they wouldn't recomend I take it anymore and that due to lack of reserch on the effects it has on pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. I'm waiting for a reply from NHS direct and depending on what they say. I will make a another dr's appt but will a different doctor.
    Hayleyspirit sorry to hear about your miscarriage and your deffently not the only one in agony with a tear. Sometimes I could do with some more gas and air!!! xx
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