Your little Ones Favourite Toys 9 months plus

having a sort out of tobys toys and looking at possible replacements so thought i would ask you what you little one prefers.

Tobys is his learning chair and wooden toy block and learn and groove table

Any suggestions thankx


  • all the toys toula has and she likes a DVD case and anything the boys are playing with LOL

    she does have a pontipines piano thing she loves that pressing the buttons and making the music x
  • Grace is 10.5 months - she loves her Vtech walker, toy piano and toy kitchen! The kitchen is a toddler one off eBay (Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Kitchen) which is now discountinued and it is fab.

    She enjoys playing with her toy bells and maracas as well.

    She still loves her stacking cups and is now learning to put them on top of each other whereas previously she preferred to knock them down!

    Em xx

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  • Jen likes a box of tissues and a plastic washing up bowl!!!

    Em x
  • Oscar is 10m and loves his vtech baby walker, his brothers cars and wooden trains. Plus cat food, my mobile, a pack of wipes and shoes! lol

    However other toys we liked at this age were wooden blocks, a playskool train that spits out balls, animal noise puzzles and anything that makes a noise!

  • Nimmy is this the playskool thing only because Dylan is OBSESSED with balls and I think he would love something like you describe.

    Dylans only 8 months but loves his push along walker, his noahs ark, balls, a balloon (the most exciting thing ever apparently!) my mobile (he has his own not as good) a remote (again he has his own he prefers the sky one!) and Toby our dog (the feeling not yet reciprocated!) plus any cardboard box especially if he can stand against it!

    I have high hopes for his learn and groove musical table! Roll on its delivery image

  • Hannah loves her learn and groove table. She is not too fussed on her v tech walker though.

    She still enjoys her treasure basket, as she has gotten older I have put new things in for her. She also loves her inflatable playmat with tunnel and ballpool from elc.

    Other than that, it's laptop wires, mobile phones and remotes!
  • Luke is 11 Months on Monday and really loves the vtech wakker now, still likes the animal train thing with the giraffee, not so keen om his ride on/rocker bike that he used to love. He now likes his first mobile phone much more now. We talk to nanny first thing in the morning and I have had to give him an old phone to play with because he hollars if you take the phone away or will cut nanny off!
  • Not quite dylansmummy, this is it.

    even my 2 year old loves it!

  • dylans mummy - the choo choo is fab! You can pick them up on ebay for half the retail price - ours was ??10 including postage and packing x
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