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My princess has silent reflux (:cry:) help pls

Im after some expert advice from you knowledgable mummies out there please.
We have just been given gaviscon for silent reflux, my little girl is 14 wks old and it has suddenly gotten worse over the past 3 wks hence the gaviscon, just wondered if any of you can answer any of my questions :

1. How does gaviscon actually work, what does it do and will it reduce the acid in my lo tummy?
2. How long does each dose work for (would a dose in the morning reduce symptoms all day? or does it just work for the feed it is given with?)
3.She has only had 1 dose yesterday and it has already made her pooh lots thicker, is this likely to continue to get thicker and lead to constipation?
4. Has anyone tried feeding more frequently, does this work? did you still use gaviscon?
5.Is gaviscon more effective when given before, after or during the feed?

Thanks in advance ladies, Im in termoil at the moment and hate seeing my baby girl in so much distress, just want to help her. I am breast feeding, trying more upright positions, keeping her upright for as long as poss after each feed, proping her head whilst lay flat, massaging her tummy when I can. Dont think there is much else is there?

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    My little boy Jack had reflux & was diagnosed at about 6 weeks. he was sick at every feed sometimes projectile. He went straight on to Junior Gaviscon as well. We were told by HV to give it in every bottle every day until he was on solids. It worked great for us & Jack was never constipated. His poo did get thicker but that was it really. It went a bit runny again but that was due to teething etc. He is nearly 10 months & hasnt had gaviscon in his bottle since about 8 months. I gradually cut the gaviscon out plus he is only on 2 bottles a day (first thing & bedtime) & doesnt have the gaviscon in them now & doesnt have reflux now.

    Im not 100% sure what it does but I think its on the same line as adult gaviscon. I was drinking it while pregnant like it was going out of fashion, I had terrible heart burn lol. So I guess its similar to that. Its to do with the acid in there little tummys coming back up.

    I would speak to you HV or GP or even then chemist on how often to give. The only thing is is that I never breast feed & Im not sure how often you give then or how much. With a bottle you can measure how much to put in.

    Try not to worry to much though, its scary at the time but once you get into a routine you'll both be fine.

    Anything else just ask (or email me)
    Take Care
  • Hey sweetie

    Hope the Gaviscon works for's my story...

    Lucas was diagnosed by our GP with silent reflux and he tried to prescribe IG but I had been advised not to use this as he already suffers from colicy pains and occasional constipation. IG basically thickens the milk to help keep it from coming back up.

    We were referred to a paediatrician who prescribed ranitidine and advised me that IG isn't great for silent reflux as it doesn't always stop excess acid production so might not help and can certainly constipate LOs. Since being on ranitidine (2 weeks today) Lucas is a different baby...happy, smily, feeding well etc

    Hopefully the IG will help you, but if it causes constipation or doesn't seem to help do not accept no for an answer until you get your LO happy and healthy. GPs are actually able to prescribe ranitidine but it is more expensive and more 'faff' for them, but don't let them fob you off if you need it.


  • Hey hun

    My dd had silent reflux. It was undiagnosed as colic until she was 12 weeks old, it was so hard she would scream all day long!

    Anyway we used half a sachet in every bottle. It did change her poo dramatically and sometimes she would go up to 5 days without pooing but it didn't bother her i think she was just happy to drink her milk in peace without pain! I always put it in her bottles so obviously it was before the feed. It did help a lot but tbh she never really was 100% until we started weaning as she just hated milk in the end and much preferred solids xx
  • Hi, Hugo has been on IG since he was 18 weeks (he's now nearly 9 months and is still on it as he's still suffering even after weaning, poor boy) and I breastfed him (and still am). I was giving him 2 sachets 3 times a day and would give it after the feeds, mixed with water. Thankfully, he really liked the taste (strange boy) so I didn't have to give it to him in a syringe or anything, I put it in a small TT bottle and he guzzles it down.

    IG should be given AFTER feeds, not before or during as (as I understand it) it acts as a plug and keeps the feeds down. Be sure to burp her first then give it to her. With Hugo, the effect of the IG lasts a good few hours so I didn't have to give it at every feed and he seemed to get relief straight away.

    Hugo has never had a problem with constipation with IG, I think because he's breastfed and the IG is mixed with water so that helps deal with constipation.

    Hope that helps and good luck
  • Thank you so much for your replies so far ladies.
    Jacksmummy Thats really useful to know about the pooh, Alanas has thickened but im so worried she will end up being constipated, making the pain even worse for her.
    Muffin, from what I have found out trauling internet forums I too have understood that gaviscon isnt so good for silent reflux as it doesnt deal with the acid which is our biggest prob, ill give it a go but will certainly go back to the gp if this is no use.
    Thanks mrsnoname, I thought it may be a case of waiting until weaning for it to settle, im keeping my fingers crossed for that. Thankfully she is generally content during the day but come 6pm its a different story image
    Peeptoe thats great info, i have been giving it b4 feed and she seems even more upset so will try after her feed tomorrow.
    For now the doc suggested I try it for one or 2 feeds a day as per the instructions. It says to give 2 sachets but Im just trying one for now to see how she goes and just at her 4th feed for now as this is when she fusses the most (however saying that the past wk she seems to be getting gradually worse and is fussing at more of her feeda as well now)
    The most worrying thing is when the acid comes up it makes her cough and she has choked a few times, this is why I initial spoke to hv, since Tues she has choked more than ever and its happened at least once or twice a day, its so scary and upsetting as she doesnt breath, I have been in tears lots today as im just so worried for her, its heartbreaking watching her little face turn red, her arms flying about and her big blue eyes looking at me willing me to help her as she gasps for air and dont know what to do for the best image
  • Firstly hon, I massive belated congratulations to you image
    Secondly, take a deep breath. Silent reflux is evil and it's not something I think any of us mum's whose baby suffered it (or general reflux) were prepared for. It's especially heartbreaking after waiting so long to be blessed to have your baby and then it's really tough going. I do feel for you in every sense as my son had it from 3 wks til 8 months. We only used the IG once as were finally diagnoses and he was put on renitadine - he too became a different baby in 24 hrs. Renitadine settles the acid in the stomach. It doesnt stop the throwing up but you wont have that so much with the silent reflux anyway. It certainly settled the pain for my son, though the dosage needs to be right for it to be really effective. I was afraid that the IG would constipate him and it sounds like this may be happening for your princess :cry: Definately keep an eye on it. I also found it a pain as was also bf-ing my son and it was a lot of messing around to give him the IG in a bottle and expressing so much for it cos he fed so little but so often b/c of his reflux.

    I hope you have some support around you as I know how tough it can be as the mum. You just want to help them but feel so helpless and I know that look of pain that you are describing - it's as if they are pleading with you to do something!!! It broke my heart and stressed me out to no end and I wish Id had more support around me during that time. You are doing everything right. I also used to hold my son in the tiger in the tree position (face down on your arm). Here is how to do it:

    Big hugs sweetheart. You are doing a fab job xx
  • Hi Looby

    Its so hard watching LOs in distress :'( In addition to what you're doing just make sure you cuddle her lots and jut try and stay calm and relaxed as you possibly can so she knows you're trying to help her. If you can change her nappy before feeds or just before shes about to go down to sleep

    Gavsicon kind of thickens the milk and makes it heavier making it harder for the acid to come back up rather than an antacid like ranitidine. MrsD2B in DIJ knows most about whether you can give infacol or gripe water with gaviscon (I dont think you can).

    I tried it with Alex while we're trying to work out his unsettled period but its looking more and more like reflux (think we're dairy intolerance which has similiar symptoms) not the cause of our unsettled fussy spell. Personally I found before feeds in expressed or a some formula worked better for us as he hated the taste in water - I checked at it can be given anytime just before, during or after a big feed. It did really make him constipated though (I also ebf), and I never did get around that little problem, so massage and maybe some cooled boiled water may help?!?

    HTH, and hope A is feeling like her happy self soon x
  • I'm not sure I can add anything to what everyone else has said, but I just wanted to reply to send you a MASSIVE hug - unless you have had a baby with Reflux, you can have no possible idea of how traumatic it is!

    My DS (George) was diagnosed with Reflux at 2 weeks, and prescribed Gaviscon - he is bottle fed and has it 6 times a day. A week later, he was also presribed Ranitidine, and he has this 3 times a day. In his case, it's very hard to say whether it is helping him, as he is still a very unsettled and unhappy baby. What I can say in his case is that he is no longer violently sick after feeds.

    Although I don't breastfeed, I would say it is EXTREMELY hard to feed a Reflux baby - George has 5oz bottles every 3 hours, but EVERY single bottle is a fight, and he very rarely takes a full 5oz.

    I can tell you that if your daughter is on Gaviscon DO NOT give Infacol, as the 2 act against each other. If she has trouble with wind, use gripe water. We put some into cooled boiled water and try to give between feeds - never had a problem with constipation when doing this.

    The choking that you describe is also what George sometimes does. We don't go back to see our Paediatrician until next month, BUT, having read about it on the internet, I think there is a link between reflux and sleep apnea. George sometimes does this is his sleep, but also in the day. It's as if he can't quite catch his breath - his little eyes get really big, his hand shoots up, and you can see him trying to gasp for a breath (it's horrible).

    Anyway - all I wanted to really say is that you are not alone and if you ever need a chat/advice - I'm here to help :\)
  • My 8wk yr old suffers with reflux and its very frightning as she just wakes up gagging/chocking and spitting and also her vomit comes out of her nose AND mouth making it hard for her to breath, its very seeing GP on Monday as havent slept as too frightened as dont want to leave her unattended. Hopefully my Doc will help as my poor baby must be in agony.

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