How did you know LO was ready for weaning?

As the title says really. The whole weaning process is totally confusing me and I have no idea what to do for best as dont want to deny him food if he's ready but not sure whether his cues are food related or just normal developmental steps?



  • Both my boys got to the stage where mummy's milk was not enough. They would feed every hour during the day and every 2 at night. It was exhausting and made me quite poorly.

    I also decided that once I gave them that 1st spoon of baby rice, that if they refused or gagged on it I would try again in few weeks. But they both gobbled it down and ds1 grabbed the spoon for more lol!

  • Joshua is 17 weeks tommoz and hv has advised me to start him on baby rice as he won't settle, can't get into a deep sleep, is taking less milk, is watching what I eat and mouthing at me.
    Am just hoping that baby rice will settle him
  • My DD had doubled her birth weight, was drowning 8oz bottles of Hungry Baby milk every 3 hours, had started to wake for a feed earlier than normal, was able to hold her head and sit up in her highchair, able to hold things and put them to her mouth.
    ALL the classic signs (she was 18 weeks when started on a bit of baby rice. 20 weeks I introduced a bit of veg).

    If you're unsure whether your LO is ready then I'd say to holdoff a bit. You'll just "know" when it's right.

    There's info here on the signs you should look for:

    HTH xx

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  • hey chubs you already know I've started weaning but wanted to ask how the sleeping is going, if it is improving then I would say your alright for another while, however if there is no joy wwith settling and sleeping is still something that lo won't do I would give the baby rice a go, like some one else said on this post I thought when I tried it if Reece doesn't like it or gags etc then I'll put it off and like the other mum he didn't hesitate and was pulling the spoon into his own mouth he was starving lol

    good luck xx
  • I didn't really know!

    But Adam started refusing his bottles - he was taking less than 20oz per day at 21 weeks! So one morning I mixed the remainder of his formula with some baby rice and he gobbled it up!

    We are now on two meals a day - baby rice for brekkie and pureed veg for lunch. He's loving it!

    So I guess he was ready and I just hadn't realised!

  • His sleep is still rubbish - he's up 2-3 times a night for food but now goes longer between feeds during the day?? I'm so confused - he shows all the signs apart from doubling his birth weight - he gets really cross when we eat now and tries to steal our food when its within reach. I really want to wait until 6 months and take a more blw approach but I'm worried I'm denying him what he needs. Will ask hv tomorrow again

    Thanks for your responses ladies!
  • Hey mrs you sound like your heads away image It's very hard to know what to do a lot of the time and I honestly think it's because ti was 2nd time round for me that I was more confident. To be honest I think that there is a lot of pressure on mums to be perfect at everything and yes it would be nice but it's not real life. Over in Northern Ireland baby led weaning has not even been discussed with our HV, she had never heard of it nor had any training, not that I am knocking it AT ALL what I'm saying is it isn't the be all and end all and if you do decide to wean early and use purees, so what, you do what is good for you and your baby, I'm assuming you wouldn't puree up a big mac with cheese lol lol I am really glad I weaned Reece when I did, he is deffo more contented between his feeds, he still gets up once or twice a night which is fine, I didn't wean him to get him through I just knew he was hungry all the time. Also all babies gain weight at a different rate.

    What the ramble was about is there is so much out there to make you feel guilty and a bad mum, who is to say once the EAT study is complete that they come back and say all you mums who waited to 6 months shame on you our recent study shows your kids are more likely to have allergies???!!! Research changes all the time, he does sound like he would be keen on a wee munch and it is so enjoyable to once you start.

    good luck xx
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