FAO Mummyx5

I was wondering where you had got to- then remembered 5 children, lots of snow, doh she's drying all the gloves and scarves!!! :lol:
Hope you are OK.
Camlo x


  • :lol:

    Been a busy packing bee lately as we move on the 12th!! YIPPEE (not excited, honest!!!) image

    Also having a bit of a time of it with Nathan as he is showing signs of the same milk intolerance his brothers have so been trying him on Wysoy.....gone back to the SMA gold as althou it was giving him green poo's etc and a smidge of colic, it was nowhere as bad as on the Wysoy! My 1st was on Wysoy and his feeding changed almost instantly so I'm fairly sure the Wysoy is not for Nathan.....Alex has the Soya allergy as well as the milk one image

    Still, moving day approaches and am really looking forward to it! Current house is a 3 storey town house with a piddly little galley kitchen - not practical for dh with his back as stairs aggravate & with baby & 6 to cook for, kitchen is not just tiny it's a nightmare!!! Moving to a lovely bungalow, corner property so loads of land & garden, with a kitchen & utility room, separate dining room & a conservatory to boot image

    Hope ur doing ok hun, hope blocked duct eases soon (been catching up on posts lol)! How's Archie doing?

  • Wow didn't realise you were moving again!!
    I always dream of living in a town house... sounds so sophisticated!!
    Archie is ok- we had tests and the consultant has sent the images to Birm as it looks like he has obstructions in his ureters and urethra so wee can't flow into the bladder (pooling in his kidney) and can't flow out. Obv they need to protect the kidney as he only has 1 and the bladder will become damaged too if it has to work harder.
    Hopefully the surgery will be fairly straightforward but still worried. He has a cold too so is very snuffly.
    I am hating the snow as feel totally isolated when I can't get out- it's the 1st week I haven't been into work !!!

    Hope Nathan gets better- it sounds like you are an expert with milk !! I am going to take the boys to a 'quack' Dr when the weather improves as we all have allergies in our family- hopefully he will cure Tom's asthma & egg allergy and prevent Archie getting any!
    Take Care xx
  • Aww poor Archie, bless him. Am sure things will all go ok xx

    Dairy probs run in my family......from me unfortunately lol The girls seem ok, althou KT can get headaches from too much choc so may follow me with migraines (poor thing), if Luke has too much dairy he gets eczema on the backs of his legs & knees, Alex can't have anything to do with soya as gets bloody poo's & too much dairy stuff like yoghurts tend to make him a little loose.....and now to figure out Nathan! All fun n games huh lol

    Take care too hun xx
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