when to stop

........the bottle

Tyler is 14 months now and still has a bottle. He just dosnt seem unterested in beakers. He will have a sip or too then throw it. Sometimes its like it comes out too fast for him, other times its like its to hard for him to suck anything out.

When/what beakers do you LOs have?


  • Gabe stopped having a bottle for water/juice at 5 months and stopped having a bottle full stop at 13 months.

    Then again I was lucky as he's always took to any beaker I've given him, he has the free flowing beakers like the tommee tippee ones as they're much sturdier and the non spill cups never last as Gabe chews them up so the valves don't work lol.
  • Sorry no help as my 2 boys are the same and ds1 is 23 months and ds2 is 13 months and both still have bottles, well ds1 will have the advent magic cup but when he see's ds2 with a bottle he wants one, but ds2 struggles with the beakers and like you said either comes out to fast or has to suck to hard but not much comes out.

    But i dont mind as they dont have dummies so i think the teat is a comfort thing for ds1 as he will only have a nap in the afternoon if he has his bottle.
    vikki xx
  • my middle boy is 2 1/2 and still has a bottle occasionally for comfort or - like you say Viki - when he sees Tyler with it. He can drink out of an adults cup though.

    I like the Nuby ones, they are fab and helped with my middle boy coz they are like a bottle teat but they seem to be to fast for him. xx

    Gabe is such a clever boy - can you get him to have a word with Tyler?

  • Ollie still had a bottle of milk at bedtime until he was almost 3!!! beakers for everything else but he would just never take milk from a beaker.
    Jake gave up the bottle himself at about 15 months, again he was having all water/juices in a beaker but still milk in a bottle as he wouldn't drink it from a beaker either, then he suddenly stopped drinking from the bottle, he would just play with it instead, usually squirting me with milk!!
    Anyway, my boys both liked the Tommee Tippee beakers with handles, similar to this one


    they didn't seem to get on with any of the others I tried x x
  • Charlie still has a bottle at night and one in the morning.. but i'm not worried i'll leave him on it for another while.. he only ever has his dummy at night once he's in his cot - lol they are only babies still they are allowed some comfort! My HV was telling me to introduce cows milk but then said i'd have to add vitamin drops.. so I just thought might as well leave him on the formular at the mo as he seems to be drinking it no problem where as he simply wont touch cows milk for me! Hun I don't think there is any wrong or right love, they are still very young, Charlie drinks out of all sorts of cups and beakers for juice and water.. so sure when he's ready that'll be fine.. I'm thinking he'll just 'go off' having his bed bottle and then those bottles will be finished.. if he gets really old lol then i'll re-think it! haha x
  • Lily has cows milk but in her bottle still (she's 14 months almost). HV said not to worry yet but if we get to two years old and she still only wants her bottle for milk then I have to bite the bullet and just withdraw the bottle! She drinks water from a variety of beakers so I am not too worried yet. xx
  • Charlotte stopped bottles at around 9 months as she refused them due to teething, so our changeover was quite easy really.

    Makes it hard for me to comment really, but I suppose I would have wanted Charlotte off a bottle by about 18 months or so.
  • We were quite lucky as Darcy took to a beaker easily. She was using a beaker for water at 6 months. She was bf and used to have 1 bottle of formula as a top up at night time and transfered this to a beaker at about 9 months.

    We use the Tommee Tippee free flow ones.

    Sorry not much help x
  • Lily is 14 months and still has 1 bottle before bed. The rest of the time she uses a Amadeaus 360 cup which is the only cup I have found that she will drink a reasonable amount of juice/water from. I have tried every cup possible and she just used to use them to shake to get the water out this one you can shake as much as you like and it doesn't come out so the novelty wore off and she uses it properly!lol xxx
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