My ten month old won't drink his milk. Help!

Hi everyone

Hopefully someone will be able to help me with this, My ten month old son has refused to drink ANY bottles for the last days, I have no idea why he had his first bottle on Monday and then refused his lunchtime one, sometimes he lets me put it in his mouth for a few seconds other times he just screams and pushes it away!

I thought he might be bored of the taste of formula so I tried him with cows milk and he did drink about an ounce but is now refusing that too.

I am really starting to worry now, he is normally a brilliant eater and he is still having his baby food, and to compensate for having no milk I have been giving him lots of cheese and yogurts he is fine with those.

I am just so confused he always loved his milk, has anyone else been through this? Any advice?


  • Thanks Bex. I just find it odd how he just stopped! He has had NO milk today at all. I even try to put it in a beaker to trick him but he sees the colour and won't touch it!
  • If you're worried cos he's not drinking the formula you could always mix it into his breakfast and supper cereals so he's getting some that way. Are you sure he's not got a sore mouth from either teething or thrush?

    I went through the same thing and was so worried as from about 6 months Lily wouldn't have bottles in the day. I just gave her plenty of yoghurts and added full fat cows milk and cheese to a lot of her food. She's 13 months now and thriving so not having bottles did her no harm!

  • i found when my son was bottle feeding ( HES NOW 20 MONTHS ) there was days when he wouldnt drink anyof his bottles. i got told to try him with a bit of water. they said he will either drink it or realise how much better is milk is and drink that. but it may be a sign to cut out certain bottle and start giving baby rice as a replacement. 
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