Do you count lo's age in wks or months ?

Hi, My lo is 20wks old now and I'm so used to counting his age in weeks. Also when you're pregnant you count your progress in weeks so I think I've just kept doing it. But when someone asked me his age the other day I answered '20wks' they said 'so how old is that ?'
Made me think I should probably be saying he is 5 months etc. What do you do ? When do you stop counting the weeks ? Suz x
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  • Agree with QB I have to do months now as I get confused with weeks. The hv asked me last week when we had him weighed and I had NO idea, like not even a rough guess! Did find out he is 33 weeks but I just say 7 months. x
  • I counted my sons age in weeks until i got to about 6month then found it much easier to remember just to count his age in months.xx
  • Same as the others....I counted in weeks till about 6 months but then I lost count & did it in months!
    I do know the weeks though, I think Gabe is 43 weeks but I only know that cos the HV writes it in when he gets weighed...but otherwise I just say 9 1/2 months xx
  • i work in months now, only because i still have babybrain and cant actually remember.
  • Hi i just counted weeks until james was about 26 weeks then i lost count now i go by the date as he was born on the 7th july he will be 8 months old on the 7th of march etc so if anybody askes me now i say 7 months but after 7th march i will say 8 months i do this with my older son he is 17 month and will be 18 months on the 5th of march its easy for me to remember as there is only 10 months between them
    vikki xx
  • I do either. Although I forget the weeks. I think he's 15 weeks now, anyway.........4 months today image

  • Months, I'm not clever enough to count the weeks. When I ask my oh how many days she is, he works it out in his head 20 seconds later...I don't know how he does it! xox She's 262 days old today!
  • I count in months now, I counted in weeks until she was 26 weeks like many others! I think once you get to the week guidlines for weaning and safe foods the weeks aren't as important as they were.
  • I do weeks but have recently lost count. Think he is 36 weeks tomorrow. But if you convert this to months it is about 9 months, but if you count the callendar months he is 8months. So I just say 8.5 months.
  • archie is 10weeks so still quite young, but i think in a couple of weeks (when hes 3 months) ill just revert and start using months as people will get confuddled.... LOL
  • I have been counting in weeks but after 20 weeks I started to forget! LO is 25 weeks tomorrow but only know this cos she will be 6 months next week which is 26 weeks and I counted back!. If people ask I say months now x
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